My memory system for studying

This system is modified Lanier Verbatim Memory System and I am using it for studying medicine,but you can use it for memorizing anything you like.


1. First need to choose a memory palace
I am using my city for my memory palace because I need to memorize a lot of informations,but you can use different memory palaces ( houses,schools,video games,movies…)

2. Mnemonic for every letter
For every letter i have male,female and animal/object mnemonic.
For example.
A–Adam (my friend),Amanda (my girlfriend),Alligator
B–Bryant (basketball player),Beyonce (singer),Basketball
C–Cole (my teacher),Claire (sister),Cat

3.You need to have TITLE
example:Oxygen Deprivation.
Now i start reading and i am creating “parts” with maximum 4 key things i need to remember for every part .So if create 3 parts from the text of this title then I use only the first 3 letters of the title like this
-O(for the first letter i use my male mnemonic and that is Oscar my teacher)
-X ( for the second letter i use female mnemonic and that is Xena my mother)
-Y (for third letter i use my animal/object mnemonic ant that is YACHT (boat))

4.Creating parts and memory palace
For example this is what i need to remember:

Oxygen Deprivation.
Hypoxia is a deficiency of oxygen, which causes cell injury by reducing aerobic oxidative respiration. Hypoxia is an extremely
important and common cause of cell injury and cell death. Causes of hypoxia include reduced blood flow (celled ischemia),
inadequate oxygenation of the blood due to cardiorespiratory failure, and decreased oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood,
as in anemia or carbon monoxide poisoning (producing a stable carbon monoxyhemoglobin that blocks oxygen carriage) or
after severe blood loss. Depending on the severity of the hypoxic state, cells may adapt, undergo injury, or die.

PART 1.(4 key things to remember)
-deficiency of oxygen, which causes cell injury by reducing aerobic oxidative respiration

  • reduced blood flow
    -inadequate oxygenation of the blood
    -decreased oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood

Now for this part i am using the first letter of the title O and my mnemonic for this letter is OSCAR.Then i start to put information in my memory palace like this .
I choose 4 places on my street ( my house , park, school,book shop) and for the first key thing i imagine OSCAR in my house drowing in the huge pool (that is deficiency of oxygen) and the white smoke comes from his mouth (that is reducing aerobit oxidative respiration) and the smoke is damaging my soccer ball (cell injury).Next i imagine OSCAR cutting him self and lossing a lot of blood in the park(reduced blood flow),next oscar is drowing in the sea of blood in my school (inadequate oxygenation of the blood) and for the last key thing i imagine oscar swiming in the blood river and entering the book shop(decreased oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood).
This is part 1 of my text, next i take 4 more key things and that is part 2 .For the part 2 i use second letter X and the mnemonic for this letter is Xena my mother.Also i use the same 4 places that i use in part 1 to put information .For the part 3 i use letter Y and that is yacht and If i have part 4 i will start again with male mnemonic for G (Gary).

do you think it would be easier to actually use a picture of what is happening or as close to what is happening as possible. What is happening is pretty easy to imagine right?

Using crazy images and stories helps with recall.