My Memory Journal

I will use this space as a place for logging my memory exercises. I find the people here very inspiring, and need your blessings as I want to achieve something in my life. So let’s start.

  1. Memorized the first two pages of The Grammar Bible by Michael Strumpf. I really need to do this as I’m not a native English speaker. I just memorized the keywords and it’s enough.
  2. Memorized another page of A Dictionary of literary devices by Bernard Dupriez. Very tough one to memorize but a must one for me.
    That’s it. I have just started. Tomorrow night I will update again.

Today was a slow day. Though I spent a minuscule amount of time on memorizing, I’m satisfied.

I intend to create a memory planet, with rivers, oceans, forests, houses, whole neighborhoods,roads etc. It would take a lot of time to create a whole imaginary planet, but I guess it is worth it. I will use this for-:

  1. Collins English dictionary
  2. An English Espanol dictionary
  3. Images from In Search of lost time
    Thank you.

Today I read a lot but it didn’t take that much time. I memorized another 3 pages of A dictionary of literary devices by Bernard Dupriez. I can understand literary terms much better now. For example, take the concept of abstraction, which is a literary device consisting of replacing an adjective of quality by a substantive or a verb of action by circumlocution so as to isolate and draw out the differences of some abstract Phenomenon. I’m going really slow, creating super strong images, and remembering them well. Then, I memorized 6 pages of The art of looking sideways by a famous designer named Alan fletcher. I’m just remembering the main ideas only. That’s for today. See you tomorrow.


Today was also a slow day. I finished the first forty pages of Alan Fletcher’s the art of looking sideways. I created random images and placed them on rooms I found on Pinterest. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was dusting the rooms. Then I added smells, like camphor to it. I also made the rooms pretty colorful. I have an exam coming soon so was reading On Photography by Susan Sontag. I scoured Pinterest and found my rooms. I placed the images there and reviewed. Reread some of my favorite books by Dominic O’Brien. That’s all for today.


So today I created sort of a memory world though I’m in the beginning stages. I created a door,then a path, then a river, then a house with 23 locis in it. I made it surrounded with blue light so that I could remember it better. Then I read on photography by Susan Sontag. I placed the important ideas on each loci and felt better. I reviewed it 2-3 times. Now what I’m gonna do is create a neighborhood with seemingly different houses. Let’s see how far I can go.


Converting still images to Roman rooms is a daunting task. I took help mainly from Pinterest and YouTube. It took me sometime to settle down, and I dusted, smelled and touched various part of the room. Today was also the day of revelation. I started understanding the system of Gary lanier and I think it’s brilliantly made. I will learn some of the Vedas or Upanishads in this way. That’s it. More tomorrow.


Update-: I made a new variation. Whenever I start to read a book, I would extract an image from each paragraph and place it on a loci. This way I could memorize more things efficiently I hope.
I was reading Sontag’s on photography this way and extracted so many images.

PS-:You have to read a book but books often contain ginormous amount of information. It’s not easy to memorize and remember everything. For this, I tried a new variation ( I would like to say this is a new variation as many people have tried this system before) of creating individual images from paragraphs and place them on locis.
For example, you are reading a paragraph on world war 1. The theme is about the death of arch duke Francis Ferdinand. Imagine a guy, most probably a silhouette, approaching the duke, a man with a crown. Read 2-3 times the paragraph and create strong images. Then read these images carefully. Then create a strong image which is a mean of all these images.
Make it strong. Involve all your senses. Even make abstract images memorable .You can do it.

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