My Learning Progress: 1352 Shadow 2 Card System

So I made my shadow 1352 system using Art of Memory’s software (the link at the top of this site). Honestly, finished it yesterday, took me 2 month, yet to review and check for repeated images I put in (pretty sure there is a few :frowning: ). Been learning it since I started making it, and the thing is, I know what the image represents now, but if you where to give me a pair of cards and ask me what it represents, 99% my mind gives a blank. At the moment I am deciding to do space repetition and get the answer to the card pairs burnt into my head, but not doing it with 100% wrote memory style, I will be applying the technique we all use to remember faces.

Current progress (this thing refreshes every 24hours after you got the answer correct i believe, before showing you the same card pair again):
This just means I fill in 50% of 2704 which is 1352. 6% means I learnt 12% of 1352 (not really, after it refreshes tomorrow, I will find myself wrong wrong blank most of the times XD)

How the system is organised:

How it test and helps you learn:
First you are shown a random selected pair of cards, if you know what it represents, then you tell the system by clicking correct. It thens stop showing you that pair later on untill 24hours or so later.

My approach to memorise these is to have the numbers forming the body of the images and the suits can represent whatever its wearing or doing or just another part of the image’s body.
For example:

5C2H - 5 of club is black, club is like the head and shoulder, so it represents the hat the skeleton is wearing with the top of the hat pointing towards the viewer. 2 of heart, 2 represent the hand that is spraying the colourful dusts which is represented by the heart as the COLOURFUL dust looks SATIFYING.


this is awesome thanks for sharing! P.s did you have to find your own images and upload them individually into the software? Thanks

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Post needs approval apparently @Cameri, hopefully it shows soon.

And short answer is yes, I had to find every individual one painfully… Hopefully more people shares what they made so it saves lazy people like me in the future a lot more time in the future XD. I will be sharing a slight adjusted version of my shadow system (image and what it represent only, no words) once I go below 20s in speed card :slight_smile: Mainly because I don’t think anyone tried making a system this way, don’t want to end up misleading people and consume their time.

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I wouldn’t worry about it.
How can you mislead anyone , you already have made it clear that you are experimenting .

A lot of things, theories, systems… that didn’t work for someone still gave me some tips and inspiration and ideas that ended up working for me.

Please please make it 1 minute or 2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: !

Of course I hundred percent respect your decision but I could still hope :roll_eyes:

it was nice to see you’re still going strong on your progress, cheers!

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Don’t worry, I will burnt myself off and try and achieve it in 2month (fingers cross XD)

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Also the thing is I have real people in the mix, that’s the ultimate problem about not sharing it right away, need to find their replacements.

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I just went super lazy and started using random images from
that I LIKE (most important entrance exam here). My motive here is that I trust myself to be able to relate the image with the pair of cards together (image ranges from landscape, mythology, cartoon…etc) as I have done this previously (worked once, logic: Make it a habit XD).

And it’s real easy to make the system it’s no joke, thing is I would know what the pair of cards the image represents instantly after learning it, but not the other way around, which I am trying to find a more efficient way to overcome this puzzle.

I would compartiment it. First start with only the suits with the left number till I could do both the left number and the suits instantaneously.

Example, random cards : A :diamonds: 7:clubs:

that’s my first A :diamonds: :clubs: image

I ignore the 7 and pretend it’s my A

Next time I get a A :diamonds: :clubs: image, I pretend it’s the 2 of clubs, etc.

I would actually start with only suits , AND suits with the first number, work on both randomly.

then only focusing ob the right number, then all.

I don’t remember, are you placing them in a Memory Palace ? not all of them at the same time of course! Haha unless you’re crazier than me with memory palaces!

Anyways, if you do use memory palaces for quick reviewing of many images, then you probably want to rearrange them by pattern, for example all the two 2’ s together, and all the two fours, and all the 7 9. Quite simply every different pattern you can recognize gives a new way to rearrange them in a Memory Palace to go through as much as possible. This saves me from the problem I encounter when one image brings me to next one because it was next to it in the palace…

tell me if my post is too much! I think sometimes I share too much and that’s maybe why my messages aren’t approved automatically sometimes… Dunno :disappointed_relieved: :grin:


Thanks @cameri!!! I did not thought of this! Cheers. I just have all the same suits placed together, guess I will start doing it this way too :smiley: And no please let your mind flow and just type all the things that comes to you ;D

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YESSSSSSSS! Finished learning the first 169 spade/spade suit pairs (=diamond/diamond as version 2). At first I was learning all 1352 combos in one go and that only discourage me more, Then I decided to split them into their individual suit pairs (8 groups worth 169 each), feels so much more easier, pheww. I also have high standards when learning, if I am not able to see the image straight away, I mark it as wrong.

A sample:

The green numbers on the right represent how many times it I got it right.
This time was a bit of a cheat as I already know the first 100 before hand. So the next suit of pair learning time required will be a more accurate learning process for me.

My strategy is to place them all into a memory palace with 13 loci (13image per loci - story mode), then going back and review why and how this picture could represent its pair of cards, before finally doing the learning test :slight_smile:


no time playing around, learning the whole system altogether (motivation might be gone sometime tomorrow though XD )

Used the system for the first time digitally. At first I can see the pair of cards in their own image, but after mayby 8 pairs I had to start going into my memory palace to search for the image representing the pairs. (suit represent the palace, the second number represents which room in palace, first number represents which loci in room). And I absolutely recommend palacing 2 image per loci and not going 13 image in the same loci using story mode (tried it myself, horriblenlol). Not only is it hard to recall, its easy to forget.

By placing just 2 image per loci (i have the J Q K 3 image placed in one loci, thats the maximum as it is easier to know which is JQK that way), not only do u remember it fast, recall it easier, it also allows you to quickly search through your palace whenever you r stuck on a pair.

Ok, that is normal, but I would start to move them around right away, practice with small sets of numbers put in other contexts, not only that specific Palace. Use different palaces, or any way to help you stop doing that as soon as possible. You don’t want to have to go to your memory Palace too many times because that will become natural and it will eat on your time forever

Nice work BTW!

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Ditching this system for the time being, done making my major version and gonna see if I improve faster with it. Which ever comes first, I will merge them together afterwards in a single big palace such that the shape system is together with its twin major system. Currently it is much much easier and faster to recall what the image is that represents the number with the major system after learning it. Got a long way to go before I fully learnt it tho :wink:

P.s will post it if it really made me break the speed records ;)))))

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I thought major system will be easier to know what the representation is, but lol sometimes I cant even recall the word at all, back to my lovely shape system again, it feels so much easier (mayby cos I practice more on it). Although I did thought of finding every single image for my major system, the fact is that shape system allows me to pick my favourite image whilest major kinda restricts me. But if I were to restart this is what I would do.