[My Journal] Weekly Memory Palaces Generation

Hi I start to journal my thinking.

For this week, I’m ambitious to construct 3 memory palaces. I start from my childhood home. Then, my teenage home. The last one for this week, it’s my primary school.

The method I will use is to use my simple binary system to construct and make them solid.

Interestingly, the pattern of binary is 00,01,10,11 -

00 is Nobita Nobi from Doraemon

Why did I choose him? Simply, it’s my childhood memory.

01 is Michael McIntyre

I generally like his style called observational comedy; the best character for this purpose.

10 is Tsubasa Oozora from Captain Tsubasa

I like him when I was a child.

11 is Yao Ming

He played for Huston Rocket before during which he wore the number 11.

loci 1

The first one is my childhood home. It’s an old building built in 2006. You can enter in a great gate ; there is nothing typically. just car parking areas.

loci 2

I can’t remember any obvious objects but there is a stair. the handle is red and the body of the stair is white in grids. If you stood in front the stair, you look up from the right to the left; you turned around at the first stop. It’s my second loci.

loci 3

I lived on the 7th floor. I can’t remember lots of things but I disliked walking up along the stair. I do remember my neighbor is 3 people family and they have a little girl who is possibly at a similar age as me. I remember clearly their door is white. I take this as my third loci.

loci 4

funnily enough, I can’t remember the color of my door. It’s okay and let’s move on. I can’t memorize what the stuff is behind the door. Yet, I notice on my left it’s my lounge. There was a television in the size of 29 inches. I make it loci 4

loci 5

My dad loves wooden chairs and there are 3 sets of wooden chairs. I would say no to you if you asked me what they looked like. I only remember the colors are in black. Now, I’m standing in front of 3 pieces of wooden chairs. what is behind me is the television. On my right, I name the first chair “here is loci 5”

loci 6

As I finished my 5th loci, I’m slowly turning my head forward. This wooden chair is different from the sides. It’s a piece of long chair in which 5 people can sit there. I have many memories over there. I name it " you’re my 6th loci"

loci 7

Now I’m walking towards the long chair. because there is a door to balcony but honestly I can’t remember anything. But at least I know the direction. I name there " my 7th loci"

loci 8

I turned around and there are 2 chair and inbetween a wooden tea table. I name them " 8th loci"

loci 9

I get out of lounge and I turned left. I memorize clearly there is dinning room. It’s a long dinning table. 8 people can have dinner together. So I say to the dinning table. “Cool, it’s loci 9.”

loci 10

At this time, I’m standing in front of the table. On my left, it’s my babysit bedroom. I remember clearly. I draw randomly on the wall using crayons. Apart from that, I don’t remember anything. it’s burry. That’s okay. It’s my 10th loci.

loci 11

So I walked out of my 10th loci --babysit bedroom. I walked toward the master’s room. However, I noticed there is a kitchen on the other side of the dining room. How convenient it is! Why not give the kitchen 11th loci.

loci 12

Here comes to my favourite place because I spent my whole childhood sitting in front of this small room. Oh yeah, it’s kind of funny structure of my flat in childhood. There was blue sofa and bed. I remember clearly I slept independently there. they’re too close so I give them loci 12

loci 13

of course, my best pal - personal television is next to the master’s room. I used it to watch lots of cartoons such as Ultraman Tiga. I name here “loci13”

loci 14

I walk into master’s room. I can’t remember anything about my parents’ bedroom. But I do remember the window is on my right when you get into the master’s room. Below is a single sofa. They’re close too. I name there " loci 14"

loci 15

Okay, every memory palace has the endpoint. the bed is queen’s bed but I don’t remember anything. literally anything. However, I sense the location. That’s good enough. I name there “loci 15”.

Okay, to sum up, the first memory palace I made now contains 15 loci. number system I used is this one Number Shape System but I modified a little bit. 5 looks like alphabet S so I used superman. I imagine the superman holding a candle at the green gate.

I used random binar number generator. I got 10 sets to practice and construct.

  1. 10101111
  2. 01010011
  3. 01011111
  4. 00110110
  5. 01111011
  6. 00000110
  7. 10101000
  8. 01111000
  9. 00000101
  10. 11001111

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Sorry, I’m late for the game now. It’s another thread to build my second memory palace.

Before I building my second memory palace, I’d like to practice a bit to make my the first memory palace more solidly.

Okay, I took the 10th,9th, 8th,7th in binary number sets: 11001111, 00000101, 01111000, 10101000

Did you see the pattern? 11,00,11,11, 00,00,01,01, 01,11,10,00, 10,10,10,00

So it would be as follows:

loci 1 Yao Ming, shooting - jump shot - at the green gate
loci 2 Nobita Nobi - Crying - standing in the stairs
loci 3 Yao Ming - Smiling - at the white door
loci 4 Yao Ming - stand but hands on the television
loci 5 Nobita Nobi - sitting in the chair
loci 6 Nobita Nobi - closing eyes in the middle chair
loci 7 Michael McIntyre - walking in and out in the balcony
loci 8 Michael McIntyre - sitting in the chair on the right and drinking wine
loci 9 Michael McIntyre - telling his son to eat broccoli at the dining table
loci 10 Yao Ming - play basketball in the room
loci 11 Tsubasa Oozora - using head to stop a football in the kitchen
loci 12 Nobita Nobi - watching TV in sofa
loci 13 Tsubasa Oozora - stop Nobita Nobi watching Tv by standing in front of TV
loci 14 Tsubasa Oozora - sitting in the sofa under air condition
loci 15 Tsubasa Oozora,Nobita Nobi - they’re siting at the bed

Yao Ming (4)
Nobita Nobi (5)
Michael McIntyre (3)
Tsubasa Oozora (4)

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Second Memory Palace 20200903

It’s my second home for my childhood.

Loci 1

I moved into this flat when I was 8. I remember there was one sushi shop next to the black gate. It’s a cheap buffet business model of sushi there.

Loci 2

There is a watchman monitor to keep the community safe. I spent some time playing around. Also, there is a threshold.

Loci 3

The Stairs is next to the … nope, it’s in front of the threshold. technically speaking ,it’s on the 11 o’clock direction. But we don’t go there. We go in another way. Because most of time my parents would drive me home from school.

Loci 4

When my parents drove me home, they will park on the other side of the community. Our community is called C block. Okay. once they parked the car, I’d go through a small functional garden.

Loci 5

There is another stair but this one is close to the third building. I lived in the first building.

Loci 6

One of my childhood friends lives in the third building. He is a guy with a bad heart. I wish he can have a good life, tbh. Such a dick actually. I was excepting to be his friends but he treats me too badly. He made fun of me in public. I gave this Loci 6 while I was always having a good time to play his computer games, though. Let’s visit his home.

Loci 7

I only remember vaguely. He lives on the fourth floor. I can’t remember how to enter in his home but that’s okay. I do remember his home there is a big desk. His dad is an artist and his dad draw some painting on there. And the computer is next to the big desk.

Loci 8

I only remember his room is the opposite of the big desk. and there is a chair for people to take on shoes stuff.

Loci 8

OKay. I went out and returned to the gate. The second building is between the third and the first one where I was living. I had a lot of memories in the second building. One of my best music teachers was living there. I don’t know him now and I wish he can have a good life. I abandoned flute for a long time. Shame. Why not visit home now.

Loci 9

All right, my teacher is living on the 5th floor. When we get out of the elevator, it’s on the left. The door is in metal grey.

Loci 10

So there is a set sofa on the right when you get into the door. They are in creamy yellow.

Loci 11

Big TV and a set of dvd vcd player. we usually play with the recording.

Loci 12

Let’s go straightforwardly to the computer room. Perhaps it’s my favorite reason why I kept going to there for lessons. nope, for a computer that connects with the Internet.

Loci 13

Okay. Actually, my grandparents are living in the 9th floor. Let’s visit them as well. it’s on the left when you’re out of the elevator. The door is in metal white. what a funny thing is that my grandpa would put the portrait of leader on the door.

Loci 14

It was a clear lounge. a set of wooden chairs.

Loci 15

too tired now. come back tomorrow.

Continue - 200913

Finally, I found the time to update. Now I’m sitting in one of my favourite galleries.

After the consideration, I think I should change loci 14. It’s more reasonable to put loci 14 in

Since I came to my grandparents’ flat, at loci 14, I’m at the lounge. there are 3 doors to balcony, bedrooms, kitchen.

Loci 14

I show up into the balcony. There is a metal fence like this one

Loci 15

Pretty funny. My dad bought a bench made by stone for my grandma and uncle. I put the loci 15 here.

Loci 16

So I come out of balcony and now I’m at the lounge. On my left hand side, it’s TV stand and TV.

Loci 17

On my right hand side, there is a set of wooden chairs and teatable.

Let’s move on a bit.

Loci 18

There is a dinning table but it’s a round one with lazy Susan table on the top.

Loci 19

Let’s turn right. I’m getting into the bedroom. When I cross into the bedrooms and there is a middle ground. On my right hand, it’s buit-in shoe storage cabinet. My uncle put all achold drink and wine cups there.

Loci 20

The one next to the shoe storage cabinet was my grandpa’s room. But he died of 70 for heartattack. I rarely saw him and don’t have too much memories with him.

Loci 21

the one next to my grandpa’s bedroom is my grandma’s room. yep, they’re not in the same room for quite a while. I love my grandma. she can remember everyone’s birthday. incredible memory.

Loci 22

The next one is the bedroom of my uncle and aunt.

Loci 23

the last one is actually the opposite of shoe cabinet. It’s my cousin’s. and it’s just right next to the entrance.

Loci 24

Now I step forward to kitchen. Before the door towards kitchen, there is a narrow hallway. There is a bathroom.

Loci 25

Kitchen. Nothing specially and I can’t remember what items are inside. You know, sometimes I just know ‘it’s kitchen.’ that’s enough.

Loci 26

When you get into kitchen, on the right hand side, it’s a table where you put everything such as ingredients, finished meals. on the other side of work table, it’s another balcony. However, this one is different from loci 14. There is no metal fence.

All right, I finally finish this bit. Now I flied like what Hary does in the show impulsive.

Loci 27

leave it for now.


201001 -

I took a break for a long time. Gosh, it’s so hard to update every week. But just let you know I won’t give up to do that. I enjoy doing this thing.

My goal is really to memorize whatever I would love to. Right now, I’m memorizing a few lines to introduce the company I’m working at. 122 words in total. 8 sentences.

Let’s focus on SVO structure - subject - verb -noun

Essentially, it’s muscle memory. just keep practicing.


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