My first attempt was botched - but still vastly more efficient!

Hi! So I recently discovered the idea of Loci and the strength of visual imagery in aiding memory, so I decided I was going to test it out by learning a bunch of figures of USSR production during different years for school.

My first failing was to create an “Imaginary” location rather than just using locations I already knew and could rely on.
Instead I designed a warehouse with 8 rows, and it was possible to have 2 crates vertically upwards.
A material would be assigned to each row, so one row was for pig iron, one row for oil, one row for grain, ect.
And there were 2 vertical levels for the section in the book they were found, the first level related to the Five Year Plans, and second level related to the NEP.
Here is my second sort of mistake, chronologically the NEP is before the Five Year Plans, but the Five Year Plan “crates” are on the first floor, not a major issue but doesn’t make logical sense to me.

I then rounded up each of the number so I only had to remember 2 digits, and converted them to pictures in the Major System.
Here is my third mistake, I didn’t plan out a PAO system from 00-99, I just did them ad hoc, so on the one hand they’re not as memorable, but also in places I have the same number under different pictures because I decided later on I preferred it.

I created boxes with the material image on it, and then pictured the number-objects on-top of these crates, and the dates moved horizontally and these just correlated with the number of boxes along.
At first I struggled to remember the images themselves, however I quickly realised that I naturally grouped the images in my head together, so I exploited this by creating little movies of the images interacting horizontally, such as a Wren reading the Tao Te Ching, however because he was still reading it there was “No Review” yet on his book-recommendation website, I then took snapshots from these movies and put these on the boxes instead.

I find now I don’t so much visualise the images on the boxes, but I seem to have remembered the stories, and because some rows only have a single crate I can figure out which stories goes where, once I remember 1 image I remember the whole row.

After about 3 hours with 41 numbers in total, there was only a row of 3 I had forgotten (There was another where I forgot the images, but I remembered the number and reverse-engineered the image from that), additionally there’s about 5 numbers I’ve solidly memorised (Probably more in reality), it takes a while to go through it however I think that’s partially just getting to grips with the Major System.
Despite some pretty fundamentally important flaws, this has been far more efficient than any other memorisation technique so far!

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