My Dominic Person List, use for inspiration if you like


This is my list for the Dominic System. I also used Objects instead of persons, als these objecs can make actions so its crazy end hopefully easy to remember…

For now i did not define an action, i will learn this first…

Here we go…

My	personal 	Dominik System	
		with objects and names	

Nummer Buchstaben Person/Objekt Action Notes
0 O Oma
1 A Andreas Lange
2 B Bert Ernie und Bert mit schlfanzug
3 C Christiane
4 D Drache spuckt feuer über shotglas
5 E Elf (shadowrun) Showrun Return
6 S Steve (Boderlands) Borderlands
7 G Gwendolyn
8 H Hyperion Box Bot Box mit Armen und Hyperon Logo B2
9 N Neo (Matrix)
10 AO Anonyme Ornanisten
11 AA Anonyme Alkoholiker
12 AB Atombombe
13 AC AC CD album Rock or Bust
14 AD Jesuskreuz mit Jesus
15 AE Albert Einstein
16 AS Arnold Schwarzenegger
17 AG Agatha Christie (Miss Marple)
18 AH Adolf Hitler
19 AN Anne Frank
20 BO Barack Obama
21 BA Barde (nwn) Ben Fllec Dogma Engel bodies sky
22 BB Bugs Bunny
23 BC Leeres jesuskreutz
24 BD Buddah sitz unter Dach
25 BE Billy Elliot Schwuler Ballettänzer im Balletkleid
26 BS Bart Simpson
27 BG Bill Gates
28 BH Bender mit Hose
29 BN Beethoven nackt Nackt
30 CO Commanding Officer shouting, on rainy trainingsgroud
31 CA Captain America
32 CB Charlie Brown
33 CC Charlie Chaplin
34 CD CDC Center
35 CE Clint Eastwood
36 CS Counter Strike Logo Soldat
37 CG Catherina die Größe
38 CH Charlton Heston Als Moses mit roten Klamotten
39 CN Chuck Norris
40 DO Dominic O Brian Memory champion
41 DA Dan Akroyd aus Gohstbusters
42 DB David Beckham kickt ball
43 DC David Coperfield zersägt box
44 DD DD Titted Girl
45 DE Dwight Eisenhower
46 DS Dr. Spock
47 DG Dirk Gladow
48 DH David Heyda
49 DN Duke Nukem
50 EO Eier Ohr Winni Puh Esel Depressed
51 EA EA Logo
52 EB Ebola Virus
53 EC EC Karte
54 ED Edgar Dega Maler, frnaz, Le toloette ()
55 EE Empire Earch CD
56 ES Edward Scherenhände
57 EG Sollarzellen Park (EG)
58 EH Erste Hilfe Kasten
59 EN EN = GB als Land
60 SO .so Linux Lib
61 SA Samstag auf einem Kalender markiert
62 SB Sandra Bullock (Bus)
63 SC Santa Claus
64 SD Sd-Karte
65 SE Santa’s Elf (fett)
66 SS Silveter Stalone Bow Arrow
67 SG Suicide Girl Poster
68 SH Sherlock Holmes
69 SN Seriennummer USB-Stick
70 GO Go Spielbrett und steine
71 GA Geldautomat
72 GB George Bush
73 GC George Clooney
74 GD Globusdecke Eine Decke üer einem Globus
75 GE Gentoo Emerge Gentoo Logo mit bash und emerge
76 GS GS Sicherheit Geldtranspoter Geldtransporter
77 GG GGG Darstellerin naß
78 GH General Hospital
79 GN Gnome Screenshot
80 HO Santa HO HO HO Aus Plastik!
81 HA Hannibal Lector
82 HB Hally Berry
83 HC Howard Carter Mumien Forscher
84 HD Festplatte HD
85 HE HE Granate
86 HS Homer Simpson
87 HG Hit Girl
88 HH Hulk Hogan Green Hulk
89 HN HN Autokenzeichen
90 NO NO Entry sign
91 NA Neil Amstrong Stepping on moon
92 NB Napoleon Bonaparte
93 NC Nicolas Cage vx gas
94 ND Neodym Magnet zieht Auto weg
95 NE Kompass NE
96 NS Nicolas Sarkozy Hällt rede
97 NG National Geografic Magazin
98 NH Nato Helikopter
99 NN Normal Null Wasserscheide

Thanks for sharing your list. I’ve added a link to this from the Dominic system page.

Hope it helps others,

I got a question how to learn/train the system effectively.

How should i go on learning it ? Just the numbers from 0-9 and then construct the other numbers out of those ? Or just learn all the numbers from 0-99 just press them in my head ? Or do’nt focus on the numbers at all and take more care with constructing a good image and the numbers will come automaticly ?

Thanks for hints :slight_smile:

Oh and also for now: I dont use routes to remember the numbers they are just like in my head but without proper routing or whatever. But due to the story sequence i make i can tell where each number belongs…

I made a wiki page a while back on how to learn your list.


The link that Bateman mentioned has a link to this script. I used to print a few sheets and keep them in my pocket so I could review them during the day.

Some people use Anki. At the last XMT, I asked Ola Kåre Risa about his being the first person to memorize 1000 binary digits in five minutes, and he showed me an Anki deck for his binary images. My latest revision of Ben System images is kept in Anki. (still in progress)

I also practice on license plates and any other number that I encounter during the day.

Hi Bateman

This is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks a lot.

Also i made a course at mesmerize for my words if anyone what to use it. (beta as i did not test yet)