My Blueprint for Visualizations

Hi guys!

I’m relatively new in this forum and this is my first post.

I just wanted to share my “blueprint” in creating visualizations for my studies.

When creating visualizations, I pluck out keywords but I don’t imagine images for them right away. It’s like I first create a “framework” for my visualization by scribbling symbols that represent it and then I collect the symbols to form an image.

My symbol creation is similar to how people would gesture and use hand movements when they talk and express themselves. For example, to indicate that something is small, you would create a pinching gesture wherein your index finger and thumb are relatively close to each other. The way that I would visualize it is by drawing a small rectangle.

So here’s an example:

(Symbol is on the left margin)

So in this example, I would first have a character for the topic. I won’t use symbol creation because I’m just going to create a character. So for res gestae, I would imagine Krusty the Clown sleeping. (res = rest, gestae = jest). So Krusty will be my actor.

So my symbol creation will come into play here:
My keywords are: startling occurrence, prior or subsequent, under the stress of excitement, caused by the occurrence, circumstances, equivocal act, material, legal significance.

The top most symbol is the startling occurrence symbol because when you’re startled, the feeling is like there’s sudden fireworks.
The next symbol is prior or subsequent indicated by an arrow with 2 heads - left head for prior and right head for subsequent.
The next symbol is for under stress of excitement so for under, there’s a downward arrow.
The next symbol is caused by the occurrence, so there’s an upward arrow indicating that what is referred to is the occurrence.

So this is my first image. In my mind, it looks like a fountain so that’s going to by my image for the paragraph.

Then the for the second part, the first symbol would be an equal sign for equivocal act.
Then the next symbol is a diamond for material.
then the two “wings” indicate legal significance because that’s how justice scales look like.

So the second image in my mind looks like a hoverboard with a diamond body.

Meshing the images, the paragraph visualization would then be a sleep walking Krusty riding a hoverboard and crashing into the fountain.

I would love to hear your thoughts/ feedback/ anything on it and whether you use the same technique.


I had parts of the same idea but not in combination,For example-

  1. Drawing an object or a figure from text and using them in a memory palace(or a different memory technique)

  2. Creating objects and placing them in a single scene.

And I have ideas similar to the ideas of @Antelex,@InMyMemoryWorld,@Dante Galexi(Sorry if I typed his name incorrectly) and I have had two ideas similar to yours @Kay and this is because great minds think alike,


Have a Memorable Day.


Ya, both of ideas are great, @Kay @aicreator . Last month, I read about Erol’s webpage, realised that memory palace (mp) need not to be a concatenated loci. And the topic GSM, an old posts proved pictures can be pretty good to store information itself. So, the point is

you can review the photos you’ve taken, and reorganise the selected images :national_park::mosque::beach_umbrella::sunrise::city_sunrise::foggy: in a :file_folder: that tells you a story about new knowledge.

This method has two significant advantages, you had been experienced in the locations, and save your mp for real challenges or dynamic trainings.
Also, it will be a pleasurable chance to recall the precious time. ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶


Awesome insights. Thank you both @aicreator @Antelex! :blush:

It’s very creative but I don’t know whether it would stick? But hey, if it works for you then all good :slight_smile:

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