My approach to breaking in new palaces

Hey there, ive gotten pretty good at getting good with new palaces fast, so thought id share my approach if this is something youre struggling with.

  • Run through your palaces a few times.

  • Count the loci while youre memorizing, you want to ensure your numbers are correct for the discipline or just general knowledge if thats your purpose.

-First trial, double the timer and see all images twice.
For example, in words ill set the timer for 2 minutes(if you havent reached level 10, go longer), see each image twice.

  • 2nd trial, go 1.5x the time limit. In words, I go 90 seconds, but judge this based on your abilities, you may need longer or perhaps can get away with going faster.

-3rd trial go through like normal, try to complete before the 60 seconds is up if youre level 10, if lower level you may need a bit longer. Accept the fact that you will probably not be accurate, i usually get around 30-35 in Words for example.

  • 4th trial, here I’ll be ready for a normal run. I typically finish just under a normal performance for myself.

  • Please note that even if you are not a memory athlete, you can still use a similar method. Practice memorizing words (you can use IAM website if you dont have a subscription), try memorizing the list of words equal to the amount of loci in your palace. You may need to go through it a few times, but if you can visualize words in your palace you can visualize learning concepts in your palace.


Great advice, Don, thanks for that. I never tried to run through my palaces (no pun intended) under a time constraint. Will try asap!

Seperately, I have noticed that when my initial encodings don’t stick the way I want to, I can try to do the following things: change my perspective, eg when I wander around the room and watch the pictures (=encodings) from different angles. That usually helps a lot. Of course, I also try the usual methods for enhancing the visualizations, too.

I also find your point with the numbers important. I once read the advice that at least in the beginning one should stick to a fixed number of five encodings per room. Oftentimes, however, information I need to remember comes in groups of various numbers. In that case, it helps me to see the encoded information distributed in shapes across the room. E.g. five infos can be distributed in each of the four corners of the room, plus on the table in the middle. Six are distributed in the same form as the six dots on a dice (same with three for instance). Having said that, I do try to keep the numbers per room low, although I know that I could easily store dozens of infos in one room. I personally rarely exceed ten, cause else it gets too overwhelming for me. At least at the moment.

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You can also insert a peg into the 5th loci

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One of the questions I’ve had is, whether imagining something for a long time sustained will help me remember, VS repeating that image many times. Like if you go to a loci the first time, and just close your eyes and try to imagine that loci and nothing else for 30-60 seconds, it might be more efficient? Curious

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Hey there, this is what I meant by running through the loci a few time. Ill close my eyes and visualize the different locations and deciding the path i want to take.

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