Munkhshur Narmandakh Mnemonic technique

Does anyone know what technique the WMSC World Champion is using?
She and her sister Enkhshur Narmandakh both hold world records at such a young age. Truly amazing and proof that gender is irrelevant when it comes to excelling in mind sports!

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I’m not sure. Is it a PAO system? I’ve read that many of the Mongolian competitors use PAO.

Surprising since the PAO system seems to be falling out of favor to the 3 digit major system!

I agree with that about the mongolian using pao system. Almost all of them use pao system. In that scenario, pao is a good competitor to the 3 digit system. And I believe, it is not up to the system, it is up to ur practice and ur talent. Am I not right ?? What do u all guys think ???

Well the sisters both own a world record. Binary digits and hour cards. So they must be doing something right.

The most basic two digit / one card system is still popular among top athletes. I believe Shi Bin Bin uses such a simple system and he now holds the record for hour numbers. You sometimes hear that simple systems do no not hold up inmarathon events but apparently they do. I am with subir here.

I am very interested in what makes a top athlete. Besides practice methodes it could also be the way they build journeys and the way they make images and loci interact. Emotianal stability could also play a role. Stress and higher thinking are very hard to combine.

I thought Alex Mullen holds the record in the hour numbers with 3238 digits using a 3 digit major system.
Conveniently for their organization his achievements no longer apply there.
Still Shi Binbin and Munkhshur NARMANDAKH second to Alex in hour numbers are obviously using an effective system.

Just to be clear, you can have a 3-digit system and STILL use PAO, although most that do it this way would have 1,000 people but most likely only 100 actions and 100 objects. That’ll give you seven digits per combo image (3-2-2). And your numbers system is just part of a mental athlete’s repertoire. They still must have systems for cards, images, words, dates, etc.


I think that Nelson Dellis uses a 3-2-3-digit PAO system – 1,000 persons and objects, but only 100 actions.

Does that mean that you’re limited to 100 since you only have as many actions to join persons and objects?

Non Memini, if you have a 3-2-3 PAO system like Nelson, then the answer is “no”, it simply means that you’ll only have 100 actions, as opposed to having a thousand people and a thousand objects. When making your images, certainly the actions will repeat themselves more often, since there will be only 100 of them, but you’ll still have an enormous amount of variety in the “combo images” that result, probably enough that you’ll never see the exact same combination of person-action-object twice.

I’ve spent a good amount of time on this but I have no idea what these numbers correspond to to:3-2-3.

You encode eight digits with this system. The first three with 1000 persons. Every person is linked with a number from 000-999. Then 2 digits coded by an action chosen from a hundred thus 00-99. And the last three digits correspond to your list of a thousand images. You place these three in the locus and your good.

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It has been broken many times by the WMSC