Multiple accounts in ML?

Hi, all. I am here to consult all your suggestions. Especially, the inventor @Simon.
I am having two accounts. And I know there are actually some people with two accounts, (not to nominate them).
One argument is that since this is an online paid service, so you should not have multiple accounts.
On the opposite, this is a grey area because no rule saying you should not. Which means an ethnic issue. I am doing so because it is legal.

My case is I did pay for this service, but I am having two accounts. Because I lost my alternative account once upon a time when I was new to ML. But after years, I feel that they can represent me. And I didn’t mean to cheat or deceive anyone, that’s why my two accounts have similar names.


Free account 3 trainings/matches per day.
This limit is of course to make people try the site and want to pay if want more.

I don’t think two accounts is a problem. Someone that put that effort and only get six trainings/matches per day is very likely to pay someday soon.

Four accounts is where I personally would start to think someone is trying to cheat the system. It also somewhere here I think admins should be able to see if it one person or not. Two accounts can be a couple or roommates, four is a real family effort.

On the ethnic towards the site and the community. I don’t think personal gain is wrong as long it don’t hurt others.
If extra accounts are used only to train, never steal rating from other players or used here in forum.

I use my training to practice things like names in other language, fire/air/earth/water deck style instead of hearts/diamond/clubs/spades etc… that is something I could probably make my account a lot cleaner if put on another account and only did my most natural styles and methods.

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You are not stealing from other players, but you are indirectly stealing from the creators of the website. The rule is 3 attempts per day are free. If they meant to give people 6 free attempts they would just give them 6 and not wait for them to create a second account. It’s basically a loophole.

And surely there is a lot of players who accept this rule and not use the loophole for moral reasons. And the least you can expect is that part of them will frown upon your behaviour if you use a second account to gain another 3 attempts of training.

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Why are you argue with me?

  1. The TP made this because didn’t find a rule about it, asking the admin to comment on it to make it more officual, and asking other users for the more moral aspect of things.
  2. I happen to have a paid account but even if didn’t you should make it clear when you talking about someone and not. To "@ me in the start and then use “you” throughout makes it seem like you accuse me of practice the behavior we merely discussing.

Back to topic.
I think there is good reasons to have or want a second account.
Nobody is saying there not some clear bad reasons too.

It very common for example in chess, almost all sites either make it given that IM’s and GMs are entitled to one account that has to be in their name and one for anonymous use.
Or they have a system for apply for it.

Personally I hope people are honest enough with themselves to frown upon their own behavior if their reasons are not pure.


I never meant to accuse you of doing it though. Unfortunately “you” is also a translation I’ve learnt for a different meaning such as “someone”. I should have been phrasing more carefully, yes. Sorry for that. Shall I rephrase it by editing?

And to answer your question:
I’ve been arguing with you, because I didn’t agree with and like your position at all obviously and I didn’t want to let your comment stand there without any opposition. If someone else had opposed you I probably wouldn’t have bothered commenting. Also I don’t really feel like I have anything to argue about with Antelex as to me it seems he wants to do the right thing (and as he said he has paid for the service, so he isn’t doing it for financial gain) here which is why he is asking for feedback.

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Personnally I am against multiple accounts for one user. (Especially when you can get free months with the May contest !!!)

I also understand it is hard to prevent people from gaming the system whatever you do. And since you need a real account to compete in leagues and championships, it does not sound too bad.

P.S: a forum is for arguing and discussing things. I enjoy reading other people’s opinions and I am open to not being right all the time or just accepting that some people see the world differently from me. If you can’t handle people having a different opinion, you will probably have a hard time on the internet (or in the real world)…


I had a big argument with some “friend” years ago, he got offended when I said “if you’re a pervert…” (His English wasn’t that good I guess :thinking:)


That depends a bit on if the “you’re” there is a “you are” or “you were.” If it’s a “you are” and the sentence continues in the present tense, we’re looking at a zero conditional.

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I think conditional mostly depends on the if…

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An extra topic here, why do you choose ML, not Memocamp or others?
Frankly speaking, ML has a big family and many top brainers around.
I feel in such an environment, I can get closer to the secret of Memory talents.
Another advantage, I feel free in ML, PVP with different trainers worldwide.
Technically speaking, in Memocamp it seems that the web is super slow in my region. I don’t know why, but I guess is network translation issues.
How do you think about ML?
Pros ¯_( ͡ㆆ ͜ʖ ͡ㆆ)_/¯ Cons?

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There are different conditionals in English. The first conditional is present tense followed by future tense. It’s likely but not a given. The second conditional is much less likely but still possible. The zero conditional is present tense / present tense and could be written as “When…” instead, without a change meaning.

If it’s warm ice melts. / When it’s warm ice melts

You can’t say “if it’s warm, ice will melt” sine there is no chance at all that the second half will come true.

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lol, why suddenly this forum becomes so academic tone??? :joy:

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true and if is one of them, glad that we agree. :slight_smile:

also in english: chill means keep calm.

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Cool, I didn’t notice that the terms of service don’t prohibit multiple accounts. Would it be okay then to make another AoM forum account just for the World Tour slams?

(I like to obfuscate my online activities whenever possible in order to make it harder for bullies and other mean people to find them, especially when it comes to my real name.)



sounds constructive!

Well, I was not even commenting on this… alternative spellings I presume. :wink:

The thing that brought this up was a reply to somebody claiming to have used a generic “you” when writing:

…and that is addressing a person directly when using the @ right before the sentence in question. Not even close to the meaning of “A person…” or “One…”

Then this point got supported by somebody else, claiming

…in the context of…

…which doesn’t give enough information as to whether that person had a right to be offended or not because half of the quote is missing and the contraction is ambiguous.

Because I initially ignored this but then I started getting a headache as I kept reading on. You mean ethical NOT ethnic… that’s an ENTIRELY different thing.


LOL, should be ethical, my sincere apologies.

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grammar nazis are everywhere I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol… not exactly what that term means though.

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