Does anyone know of other sites like

I think his site is great but would like more examples of his systems being used to study different topics in school.

His systems can be applied to other areas he hasn’t discussed but it would be helpful to see which mnemonic techniques are most effective.

I have made a lot of videos explaining memory techniques and other ideas (you can click my username to find out more), but is there something specific you are looking for help with? If you have an example of the material that will be really helpful!

For my immediate purposes I need a system for learning English vocabulary as a first language.

I am using the Link Word Method and occasionally using the Key Word Method and periodically place words in my Memory Palace. However, due to the immense volume of words and the complex system of English words being made from Latin roots it is not always possible to create a vivid enough image that I can easily deduce from reviewing the vocabulary.

Alex Mullen has a system for learning Chinese by assigning images to letters or groups of letters very similarly to a PAO system.

However, this only works for Chinese as it only uses single syllable words and because such a small enough group of letters are reused enough to limit the number of images to something manageable.

I feel this is down the right path of a creating a more effective system than the Link Word method.

What are your thoughts?

I had a similar problem and I thought it must be possible to create a basic set of images for the International Phonetic Alphabet. Then you just use those images when you get stuck for an image. Does that make sense?

When it comes to English vocabulary, a system like that wouldn’t work because there is no basic syllable words in English. English words vary a lot. Are you just trying to learn random English vocab or is there a specific theme for them?

I am memorizing these words for the GRE verbal section.

Sorry, just noticed this message.

Did you actually use this system?

Yes, it makes sense because it is similar to the Dominic Counting System.

Did you make Anki cards for your vocabulary study set? If so I would like to see that.

I wonder about just using a memory palace to link images that remind you of the words and meanings. Then you can do periodic review to move into long term memory. I personally often lose links if they are not connected to a “path” somewhere in my mind.