Moving the body while memorizing time

does anybody move his body like I do while the memorizing time? I also think this habit makes me slower because while I move my body I can not actually focus on the card? ? I also like listen to music when I memorize stuff because it helps me to avoid background noises(mostly sad music). what you think about my habits? should I change them to get faster?


Don’t take it seriously, it’s just my habits, so I don’t think it helps you much.
Just read it.

I mostly don’t move my body while memorizing.
Except some events.

Cards - I move my body . (Lol, I need to change my this habit, as soon as possible)

Images - Peg method - When I use peg method I always move my body.

Loci method - when I use loci for Memorizing images, I never moved my body.

International and national names - I moved only little.

Numbers - I never moved.

Words - Sometimes I moved sometimes not.


So I’m curious – does this movement impulse have to do with the speed at which you are imagining/remembering?

So if you’re memorizing slow, does it still happen?

Peg method – is it related to the peg method being more mentally strenuous or harder than loci method, so you move?