Most useful things to memorise

i have memorised quite a bit of trivia over my life, what do you think would be a more useful thing(s) to memorise, First aid? Another language? In my case, the more useful something is, the more likely I’ll apply myself to it.

So far I have done a lot of useful memorizing.

  • Basics of other languages (enough for a decent conversation with words every chold can understand, no hard words) including the alphabet of those not sharing the latin aphabet.

  • Advanced first aid including human anatomy and whatever useful medical knowledge I stumble upon.

  • List of countries of the world with a memory palace attached to each of them for whatever information.

  • Important phone numbers

  • Basic survival skills (actually helped me apply improvised first aid once)

  • Plant species in your area or an area you’re visiting, especially when the area has toxic plants and you have kids running around.

  • Names and faces of people you meet, it will amaze you how great people recieve you remembering their names. Maybe include general trivia about them too.

  • Restaurant reviews. Yes, I do have a palace to house the general review of restaurants on four points: food, personnel, the business itself (once had a restaurant that had a trash bin in the dining area, without a lid.), and if they deliver also the quality of that. It is turned into a 2-digit number with each of the four things able to score bad, average or good. food and delivery are the first digit. 1-3 is bad delivered food, 4-6 average delivered food, 7-9 is good delivered food with within those the scale of the food quality when eating at the restaurant. If it scores 3, I know that eating there is good food but when they deliver it, it is horrible. 9 for example means great food all over. Same for the personnel and restaurant itself, which is the second digit. Helps me keep track of where to eat, where to order and where to stay away from.

  • Trivia about hot topics if you prefer to be prepared when people start about them. I can tell you, some lady who is totally into veganism no longer likes me, so this point is very optional.

  • Things you can use for work or hobbies.

to just name a few ^^


Thanks Mayarra, may I ask what memory system do you use for survival skills and the a advanced first aid?

Heyo! Can I ask what source you used when learning first aid (book, course etc.)? I’d like to learn it too, but have no idea where to start :smiley: