Most Effective Way to Read and Retain an Encyclopedia?

Hello, I recently bought the World Book Encyclopedia. I was wondering the best way to read it (reading comprehension) and retain it? I was thinking of maybe creating a memory palace by letter, would this work?
World Book

To retain it, I was also thinking maybe I could incorporate key ideas into Anki? If you have any ideas to be most proficient, please tell me. I especially need ideas on how to read it, and reading comprehension skills. Thanks for any help.

It depends what your goals are. Just memorizing the information and visual association and spaced repetition with Anki may be your best bet.

If you want to be able to recall it at will, and in order, then you may want to use a Memory Palace. And organizing it by letter seems as good an idea as any. Be forewarned though, this approach will require a tremendous amount of loci