Most effective memory training newsletters (apart from forum updates)

Hi Guys,

Does any of you keep an email inbox with email subscriptions of other memory blogs/forums other than Art of Memory forum?

I use this technique for productivity, IT related industry news, etc. and has worked wonders and kept me up to date. 1% increase everyday, is enough to compound over time.

Share your thoughts.

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There’s no doubt of that.
Your maths is perfect.
10 compounds to 377.83 over 365 days.

With memory however, we might have to factor in another component.
We are biological after all.
The best systems (as far as I’m aware) can put the half life of a memory out to about 48 hours.
If you factor that in.
(I’ll spare you the maths)
This works out at for 10 compounded over 365 days, with 50% of what you assimilated two days before decaying away… however some of that will not have decayed by the time you do your next 1% daily growth…
Gives a total figure of growth from 10 to the amazingly low figure of 61.74, some difference eh?
377.83 compared to 61.74

Please note I’m not being entirely serious here.

I’ll say that again.

I’m not being entirely serious.

My thought is that repeated exposure (reading about others opinions keeping up to date) to an interest essentially is irrelevant compared to practicing the actual thing.

Improvement is not an art or a science it’s a PRACTICE.

And while your idea of compound growth is one hundred percent correct, I’m pretty much certain that there’s no correlation (at all) between keeping up to date with all the latest techniques, records, equipment, inspirational stories or the theory of - about an activity and your actual measurable rating at that activity compared to others.

Good news however. Turn your compounded activity to practice - being a player rather than a theorist - now, “that” will work wonders.

However, i might be wrong so if you want to start this newsletter or feed.
Where do i sign up?

Hope you don’t take this too seriously, i enjoyed your post!


You got me thinking. Which is a good thing.

You are absolutely correct. I often wondered and projected where I will be in an year, growing 1% everyday.

I was halfway miserable, frankly not being able to recall the 1% of things from the previous days and thought of practicing them with mind maps and memory palaces.

My first attempt was public speaking, and I remembered the entire speech (not word by word but the quotes, punch lines, facts, etc.) and was feeling confident about it.

After that I realized the potential of this when practiced properly. Hence, I practiced the 0-99 Dominic system and now can remember number plates, card numbers, PIN Id’s etc. just by glancing over.

However, the 1% can be retained for a considerable amount of time. Thanks to Tony Buzan’s material.