More Faces in NAMES

This is obviously not a challenge for them who play Names Casually, since you will probably not get Names/faces repetedly in a day or days.

But, what I have experience and also heard was that doing many Names Disciplines a day (Like 10) you have a chance of encountering the same ones. And, you might actually mix it up from previous attempts.
Therefore it would be cool to get even more Faces added in the database.

There is some free Photos from websites such as:

They are free with various kinds of Licenses. I believe one atleast have a License for what Memory League does.


Thanks @NiklasMoonsun.

I have just tweaked things so that a face will not appear again for at least 25 trials (previously it was 10 trials).

We will have new photos for each Slam tournament this year, then those photos will be added to the general pool, so there will be more and more photos over time.


That is great news to hear. Also, you can never add to many Faces!
Looking forward untill then.