Modern verbatim technique for any kind of text 2021?

I wanted to know if there is any Verbatim systems that can accommodate technical language (words,measurements, and adverbs/articles such as the/a/an/of/etc…).

In the below memory league competition between Alex Mullen vs. Andrea Muzii they were able to reach memorization speeds reaching 50 words per min (0.83 seconds per word).

Are there any competitors that can do this for long passages of complex text that include words/numbers and alot of adverbs (repeating words)?

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I don’t think people can keep up that speed for larger texts like books, but maybe someone will stop by and say that they have done something unusual. :slight_smile:

Some of the posts about memorizing verbatim text are organized under the #verbatim-text tag.


I’ve looked into some of the posts for verbatim memorization in this forum however I didn’t really find anything that allowed memorization of text below 15 seconds per word on larger texts.

Currently my average verbatim speed is around 30 seconds per word of memorized text/number, I can increase the speed up to 17 seconds per word however this requires the use of a well placed memory palace (which also takes time to create).

I’m memorizing around 4,300 words which make up facts on a construction exam I’m studying for.