Mnmonic for this formula, Q = VC?

Q = VC ou Q = CV or VC = Q or CV = Q. It doesn’t matter the order… :relaxed:

Foolish and Quirky people always make very Great Vice Chairmen for a witch who is also known as Wise King Hendry the(Insert your favourite number or some other number here which you help you recall).

Please imagine King Hendry as a fictional character who was named King Hendry and not a King who was a man but who was a fictional character that was a hero even before you were born and will continue to be Forever.

A tip-If this mnemonic is not so memorrable for you the capatalise the ‘t’ in the letter ‘the’ and if you need to then you can change the number of our favourite king and you can also replace the word V.C with some other position of authority that begins with V but forever ends in C,



Simplest is to learn why it is true:

  • If you double the capacitance, you can store twice as much charge
  • If the voltage is doubled, there is twice as much electromotive force to keep the charge on the plates

Therefore it’s natural that Q be proportional to both C and V, in either order.

Perhaps an image of the Queen bestowing the Victoria Cross on some heroic soldier?


This relationship like Ohm’s law is so fundamental that I would have thought it would be etched in your brain from working probems.

Electric Charge across a capacitor equals the voltage times the capacitance.

Charge equals Volts x Cap

I see a tiny Voltaire Charging after his red Cap


My first thought: Q (from Star Trek) gets a vacccine. Just imagine his reluctant face :joy: