Mnemonics Practice and Super Motivation


The best and easiest way to get yourself extremely motivated to learn and practice The Art of Memory, everyday, is to constantly remind yourself of the awesome power and rewards that come with using these systems. The first, and most vital, is enhanced focus, concentration, and attention. The second, and equally as inspiring, is the superior natural and artificial memory that comes from practicing. The third, and no less essential, is the huge boost in creative thinking skills that transfer into all other areas of your life. Fourth, the vast amounts of knowledge you acquire and retain with memory systems is like a library in your mind - useful for creating, combining, and utilizing for life and leisure. If you only see these techniques as a fun way to impress your friends and memorize trivial things like cards, random words, and numbers, then you have completely missed the point and the real value of mnemonic systems. Search yourself and come to the realization that you have been taught a system that is extraordinary and useful for learning faster and deeper than anything you realized before you were taught this art. You have been given a brilliant gift, and just like learning how to read, if you only squander it on trivial pursuits, then trivial returns is what you will get.

Any comments or suggestions on this topic is most welcome. Good luck, and good memory!