Mnemonics for one letter syllables?

So I have been following Master of Memory’s advice for memorizing vocabulary and am finding it extremely useful. I will take the stressed syllable of each vocabulary word, make an identifiable mnemonic for it, put it in a memory palace and then make the story give me hints about the meaning of the word and the rest of the sounds. I am finding this to work with syllables with multiple sounds like “cir” which in the language I am learning sounds like “chair” so I can just incorporate a chair. For others like “ca” which sounds like “kha” I will incorporate Genghis Khan. But I am utterly confused on what to do with sounds like “a” which sounds like “ahh” and “o” which sounds like “oh”. I’ve thought about incorporating characters saying things like “ahhh” or “oh” but this doesn’t seem to work. Does anyone have any advice for creating memorable mnemonics for these senseless syllables?

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One idea is to find images that contains the target vowel. Examples: “oh” could be “boat”, “ahh” could be “cat”, “ee” could be “beet”.

I have images for vowel sounds, but it’s a bit more convoluted. I probably wouldn’t recommend it unless you also need a system for digits. It’s based on my number shape images for numbers 0-9, which are pronounced as 1-syllable vowels.

The system is described here, and the reasoning behind it is explained here.

The table below showsare how I assign the vowels. The letters have fixed pronunciations roughly like in Spanish or Japanese — so “i” (1) is always the “i” sound in “beet”, not the “ai” sound in “fire” (which is 5).

Digit Pronounciation Mnemonic Link
0 o as in “boat” 0 looks like o
1 i as in “beet” 1 looks like i
2 u as in “two” 2 has the sound u (“oo”)
3 aa as in “cat” 3 looks like butterfly, cat chases butterfly
4 a as in “father” 4 looks like A
5 ai as in “five” 5 has the sound “ai”
6 ih as in “six” 6 has the sound “ih”
7 e as in “seven” 7 has the sound “e”
8 ei as in “eight” 8 has the sound “ei”
9 uh as in “puppy” 9 looks like a balloon, puppy flies away on balloon

Here is how to create images for the numbers 0-9:

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