Mnemonics for Keywords

Hi, I’m back to this forum. It’s a pleasure to be here again!

I’m preparing my final exam of my career and I want to create a list of mnemonics for each term or keyword through association so I can reuse those images and link topics between memory palaces too. It’ll give my characters and stories a profound background and linking, I loved this idea…

I imagine there must exist characters that make use of these associations, but some are really not that easy to find.

So I made this post to ask whether you could recommend me threads/topics in this forum or a website or videos with lists where I can find some “ideas” for mnemonics? For instance this list (which is incomplete but has words such as “state”):
(for “health” I decided to use the “Hi Dad I’M HUNGRY hi Hungry, I’m dad” meme… because it reminds me of “hello/hi”, and it’s pretty unique, if you want to add it go ahead).

Maybe I should look up in Anki or something? Can you orient me finding more complete lists?
Thank you in advance.
And thank you for existing, I appreciate this forum a lot =)



If you post a list of your words here people could brainstorm ideas.


Hi Josh, alright. Sorry for my late reply, I barely passed this exam. I have none for the time being, but I may encounter some on the future and then post. I gotta thank you.

Also, I need to learn this protocols for my very last exam!
I barely passed the previous exam, and I’d really like to ask for your help please.

How would you approach a table like this in which you gotta memorize 3 basic information (Drug - Doses and Frequency)?

I may give you an example (Drug - Doses and Frequency):

  • CICLOFOSFAMIDA 1000 mg (in 2 doses) days: 36 and 64
  • 6-MERCAPTOPURINA 60 mg (daily) days: 36 - 63
  • ARACYTIN 75 mg days: 37-40, 43-46, 65-68, 72-75
  • METOTREXATE (doses depends on age) days: 37, 44, 51 & 58
  • VINCRISTINA 1,5 mg days: 50, 57, 78, 85
  • ASPARAGINASA 5000UI days: 50, 57, 78, 85.

I thought the Major system would be useful for memorizing the numbers. But I don’t know how to apply it to the doses AND the days without messing it up (never used the Major system before).

I’ve been struggling with this for months.
Any approach to this problem is very welcome (sorry if it’s too much trouble) :slightly_smiling_face: