Mnemonics for expanding vocab

Hello, I’m a newbie in here. I have learnt several skills and how to use memory palace, and I’m very surprised with how effective the mnemonic was. BUT when it comes to memorizing vocab for SAT or something like that it became obscure. I heard about using peg system and pao system and all that. However, in practice, I need to memorize about new 200 words each day for school, and it seems to be time wasting putting each word with synonyms and its meanings putting it in a memory palace. And also I have about 30 memory palace now with couple of cities that I can use.

Please can anyone give suggestion
I need help

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200 words a day is not that terrible, did you goto!/home, those masters can do 1 minute around 35+ words.

Unfortunately, I myself is a low level player in words, I can only do around 20+ words a minute.
But I think you can get help here from others.

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What strategy do the memory masters use to memorize 35 words a minute??
And can you share yours?

That’d so helpful since I’m also memorizing tons of SAT words.

Sure, though I only know the fundamental parts. They basically use memory palace, grouping two or three words together at a location, by freestyle images and fixing them as a bundle. But for how they encoding so quick and easily, that’s another issue.

I myself do two images for two words a time, link them with detail descriptions.

Let’s take a random sample from ML,
word 1: disagreement
word 2: boulder
My imagination for them is that I disagree with my friend’s opinion that this is a cursed black stone, “you should not put it on your shoulder!”

In case I encounter words that I don’t know, I would divide the words into sub-parts that I know. Just like I don’t know boulder. But I know shoulder, I then link the word to black and shoulder.

Since you are learning words for the SAT, I suggest you can do memorisation in a well-structured format. For instance, you have 26 mp, each with >10 loci, then u can activate it as a map of the dictionary fill it in with A-Z.

Note, “S” is the letter that has the maximum number of words formed, followed by P, C, D, M and then A. As per the New Oxford Dictionary Of English.

So you might adjust your class size for each alphabet. How to work out a word?
Day 1, Use person 1 in pegs (eg Alex will guide you do all the words) word 23: hardship
belongs to mp 8, location 1, Alex built a hard ship :passenger_ship: that might be “titanic”, with a super suffering face (add the meaning of a word to the scene).
1 scene for 1 word.
… repeat for each word.

Review day 1 word.
Day 2, use person 2, for the same mp you have. Since person 2 is your second teacher, despite the location are the same, you can somehow distinguish between days. And of course, the event and words are also different so the mix-up situation can be lowered.

Make sure to involve your teachers in every word if you want to distinguish between days.

if you can do it with 100 days with 200 distinct unseen words per day. I think you can be quite an expert with (20k words). Say if you can last for ten days, that’s enough for simple readings.

PS. If you wished to skip the time on the imagination, you may try to use Dictionary example sentences. Those are from my non-professional advice. :woozy_face:

EG word 42

Ah you’re Chinese, I mean for not knowing “boulder”
My mother tongue is not English either

let me introduce you to a boulder :stuck_out_tongue:

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