mnemonic or spaced repetition?


To use mnemonic technique is more efficient than to use spaced repetition?
for exemple: Mind map, key words or memory palace?

how do you think is better?



To use a mnemonic technique effectively, you would have to redo it. For example, if you use a memory palace, you’ll have to revisit it frequently to kind of consolidate the loci and the info stored there, so, in essence, you’re using spaced repetition, only your revision happens in your mind.

There has always got to be some sorta spaced repetition. Mnemonic techniques are better than simply repeating by rote, imho, since, among other things, you also get to get super-focused on what you’re memorizing. However, in some cases, simple spaced repetition could help retain all you need without the use of any memory technique in particular; it depends on the material and how confident you are on being able to recall it without a certain nudge other than the one that automatically helps you learn.



It all depends on the type of material you’re trying to memorize. Space-repetition is extremely effective when you’re trying to learn things for the long-term, and for certain information. For example, if you’re creating a 000-999 system, using spaced-repetition can help you learn those very efficiently. It will cement info into your long-term memory. This is ideal for things like learning World Capitals, Flags by Country, or really almost anything in which you’re trying to associate a concrete fact with a name/description.

For short-term memorization, such as trying to memorize long streams of numbers, words, cards, etc., there is nothing really faster or more efficient than memory palaces, or journeys.