Mnemofreak from Vienna

Hi everyone,

my name is Raphaela Edelbauer and I am a writer from Vienna/Austria, 29 yo.
I have been interested in mnemotechniques and write my master’s thesis in philosophy about the imagery of abstract ideas, comparing them both to modern mnemonic devices as well as to the theory of mental images (quite an old and well known topic in philosophy). I also create literary techniques based on these techniques, as I think that mnemonics are the very baseline of human condition in many ways, but there will be plenty of room to discuss that in this forum I guess. My books have so far only been published in German, but an English translation is on its way. This is by no means a commercial for them, but maybe there is someone out there interested in an…aesthetic approach too, so I thought I should mention my endeavors as well.

BUT - and that’s why I created an account - i started to train memorizing decks and numbers recently and would enjoy competing one day too, if it turns out I have talent in that. I am not very fast so far (after two weeks of training it would be delusional to expect outstanding results anyway), about 3 minutes for a deck or 100 numbers, but it’s very enjoyable and I love to learn about other people’s hacks. I have a very strong natural memory for words, and have no problem remembering 50 randoms without images – but most likely that is due to the fact, that I often recite my texts by heart in performances. Long story short: I love to memorize poetry and will start to practise that too.

Appart from all that my favorite activity is sport - I compete as a rower, love to lift, climb and mountaineer as every self-respecting Austrian. I love language learning and speak four, now trying to master Arabic as my girlfriend is Palestinian and we move back and forth between Israel and Vienna. I mention that because I am also very interested in memorizing vocabulary for fast and real-life recall.
What a horrible jumble of words I have produced! Sorry for my novel-length introduction, old habits die hard. :wink:

Greetings from Vienna,


Welcome from another writer! (I’m US-based and write mostly nonfiction books and magazine articles, though I’ve also published two novels. All in English…except for my book on careers, which ended up getting translated into Mandarin!)

This is a great group. I’m not personally interested in competing or speed at all when it comes to memory, but many here are.


Can you post some links to good resources about that topic? (including your books) I would like to learn more about it. :slight_smile:

I have a textbook called Mental Imagery (Kunzendorf) next to me, but I haven’t started it, and am not sure if it’s any good (or if it’s the same kind of imagery you’re referring to).