ML Season 7 semi-finals

The Semi-finals of season 7 will happen this Saturday 11th. Check out the exact times on the ML website!

I will do my live stream on Twitch from 4 pm GMT - 7 pm GMT. Since I’m also participating I’m right now searching for 1-2 memory sports enthusiasts who want to commentate together with me and on your own in the match between me and John.
I will introduce you to everything you need and set up the technical stuff. All that you would need is a headset and Discord. ( It’s free and really straight forward. It will be our communication app.
It’s also the first time for me to work with co-commentators but together we’ll figure it out!
Please send me a private message if you’re interested :slight_smile:



Will there be a vod available on Twitch? Because I’ll be at work then :frowning:

You can watch it here:

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