Mistakes You All Made As A Starter In Memory Training!

I am a starter in Memory training!
A popular proverb says “look before you leap”
Also Abraham Lincoln once said “Give me 5 hrs to chop down a tree, I will spend the first 4 sharpening my Axe”
I will glad if you can all share the mistakes you all made as a novice then!
It will be of tremendous help to all starters on the FORUM!
Thanks for helping❣️



Biggest mistake is not timing yourself to memorize within a certain time period.

If you think about it, memorizing something in real time is extremely fast so you should
train yourself to remember things very fast…Use a timer to build up speed.



I like the Lincoln quote. But I wouldn’t take it too literal. Your first mnemonics are the best preperation for your next ones. And the next. And so on. So, imho, a big mistake would be to put of starting for too long. Just do it and gain experience.
Aside from that, I second Stefos’ comment.

PS: And I would add that there is no need to “look before you leap”. Mnemonics are tried and tested myriads of times, so no need to worry. You just need to put in the time and familiarize yourself with the methods.


Focusing more on stories/linking instead of on loci. I only corrected this mistake within the last 2 months too… :weary:


Not creating enough palaces was my initial mistake.

I used to use the same palace in matches every game… not recommended lol


One mistake that I made, is to begin a “huge project” after discovering that I had success in memorizing 20 words.
After a very small success, I optimistically moved directly to great projects, instead of gradually train abilities and focus on modest things. It is equivalent that after running 100 meters successfully I want to run a marathon on the following day.


not practicing everyday - practice makes myelin and myelin makes perfect… do it everyday even if just for 5 minutes


I would say almost all of the above! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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