Missing images

(Zen) #1

So iv almost finished my card system(only 8 cards to go) iv been doing this slow and steady over the last month or so adding a few cards at a time. My question is… Is it normal to sometimes have images missing that u can’t recall on a journey sometimes? Or is it a problem with either the images I’m using or my system in general?


It seems plausible enough that you seem to be facing recall troubles. From what I’ve understood in your post, you were going at a fairly decent rate on creating the images for your cards. And you’ve been doing this for over a month and you still have some cards left to associate with. I don’t blame you or say that’s wrong. I mean, every person has different frequencies they connect to and they learn different ways. So, if you’re confident that you’ll learn when you go with your own way, then do so by all means!

Furthermore, you said you have some images missing from your journey. I believe that means you can’t recall the images themselves when you place them in the journey when you try to practise them or something. So, I believe the reason for that could be not reviewing it enough. I’ve faced this as well and it seems to be one of the obvious reasons for this case. And so, I’d suggest you take a good deal of time each day to go through your existing cards and practise until you see the images of the associations you made with the card when you see the card itself. And by that, I mean, if your Jack of Diamonds is Michael Jackson, then you have to practise until you instinctively see Michael Jackson in your mind whenever you come across Jack of Diamonds. So, in other words, use spaced repetition and general review to know all of your cards like the back of your palm!

With that being said, I hope my novice advise was of some use towards your question. And enjoy your memory adventures and have a great day!