Mind Sports Olympiad 2021 Mental Calculations: Results, Interactive Example and Final

The Mind Sports Olympiad hosts one of the international mental calculations competitions—the Mental Calculations World Championship—and as far as I know, this year it is the only one.

Last year I organized an experimental format that was also used by the JMCWC for an online event, and this year the MSO ran their event again, but with some modifications:

  • Qualification round to reduce 90+ entrants to 32 who qualified for the main group event
  • No live stream, as that was tough to organize last year
  • Final round (Monday 30th August) for just the top 4 competitors, with local arbiters present to ensure there is no cheating this year.

Last Sunday was the main “semi-final” event, and I’ve put the full scores and some other notes on my website. After writing the questions for the event, I had a spare set that wasn’t used, so I’ve made that into a video (16 minutes) so you can try out the event as if you were there (except you’ll have to write your own scorecard!)

Full Results and Interactive Example



Autotranslate: Thanks Daniel!