Mind Palaces for Sensory Memory (remembering tastes and aromas)

I’m about to embark on path towards the Master of Wine certification. This would entail, not only the need for memorizing tons of information on and about wine, but there’s also a lot of sensory information on wines I would need to internalize. I would need to be able to recall the sensory information and identify a wine by blind tasting (meaning you’re just given a glass of wine with no reference to what the wine is).

For example, say you blind taste a Cabernet from Napa Valley: you would have to identify all the characteristics of smell and taste that go along with a Cabernet from Napa; then you tuck those characteristics away in your memory palace. Could you then be able to use that same memory palace for Napa Cabernet and its characteristics as a reference wine to identify other Cabernet’s from Napa? It’s hard to figure out because the process of recall for these facts is kind of in reverse - meaning you’re given the definition then need to find the vocabulary words.

Luckily, I’m not starting from ground zero, I’ve tasted tens of thousands of wines in my career. And I’m able to blind taste with reasonable accuracy, but there’s soooo much to learn and remember. Thus the memory palace questions. Any help is appreciated.



I haven’t tried that with smells, but you might want to check out this thread: Memorise smells