Mind palace and keep my mind in control

Hi guys !

Im going to countinue my next year in law at the university, and I already started my side hustle or buisness that spends most of my time. I want to countinue my studies and my buisness no matter what. So here is my question; when I try to use mind palace, in the first half hours going everything great, but when this half an hour pass Im finding myself spend more effort to hold these images and the information attached to that in my mind palace but I cant keep them in a whole picture in short term and long term. So do you know any solution to that problem or any tip meditation or excercisse that can help me to keep that informations stick in my mind?
Btw I know mind palace is not for everyone but I cant learn in the oldschool way so I think mind palace learning technique is the ideal for me and some information stick and some not aspecial in law or lawhistory these big amount of informations cant stick in my mind however.

Ps: sorry for my english Im not a native english speaker

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I’ll mention three things to consider. First, make sure your images are as memorable as possible. Maybe they aren’t wild enough or surprising enough. If they’re crazy and involve multiple senses (when possible), then you’re on the right track.

Second, my personal feeling is that your memory palace should be based on a real place that you know well, at least when you’re just starting out. That way, you won’t be as likely to skip locations or overlook something important.

Third, maybe you’re attempting too much at one time. After that first half-hour, take a break, review what you’ve done and make sure all of the images are still there. If they aren’t, maybe consider changing them to make them more memorable. I tend to only focus on storing maybe ten new locations or pieces of information a day. But, then, I’m not in school and I’m not facing any deadlines…

I’ll just add that using a memory palace—or any memory technique—doesn’t mean that information is instantly and forever in your mind (as you’ve discovered!). You’ll need to take the time to mentally—and regularly—walk through your palace and review what you’ve placed there. I tend to go through all or parts of several of my palaces every morning just before getting out of bed.


Hey sorry for the multiple deleted replies I’m trying to figure out how to get a comment to be a video and not a link to youtube

Also…“belief” is an important part of memory. You have to believe,it is gonna work! If you are unconsciously worried that the materials of your study are too overwhelming or your present life situation is too stressful,well,then your brain could not participate well in memorization process… :smile:

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Thank you for the answer, well I agree that the information wont last for ever in a the mind palace because I saved there, but I belive that if I keep in control with my mind I can find that information in my mind palace what is once saved in a room but I forget that.
So I think a mind palace is a real visitable palace if you are mentally stabil that this palace exist.

Thank you for the answer, you got it right. So I need to use the pomodoro learning technic to mind palace, I will try it thank you :smiley:
Once I read somewhere that Hannibal Lecter who is also known as a user of mind palace learning technique was using meditation techniques, thats why I asked

Yea stress is part of my life so I need to meditate daily to overcome and live with it. But i agres belief is the most important key to succes. Thank you for your answer

Hi @RMBittner, very nice answer given by you. I didn’t understand what he want to say but our answer easy for me.