Mind map - reviewing

(James) #1

Morning all,

I have produced a number of mind maps for my exams. Problem is i am having a hard time remembering everything on the page.

what is the best method to be able to remember it all?

regards james

(Josh Cohen) #2

What do the mind maps look like? Do you have an example?

(James) #3

these are two of a number i have for my exam. one problem is these are similar especially the advantage and limitations, im not really sure how to remember these or how to separate between them. Hope you can give me some help.


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(James) #4

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(Josh Cohen) #5

Thanks for the examples. Have you tried the Method of Loci? (If not, see the Memory Palaces page and the free ebook.)

For the first one, you could divide a room or two into seven areas. Convert your mind map branches into seven bulleted lists. Then create enough locations in each area to hold each of the lists.

Then, while practicing recall, I’d use the Feynman Technique to ensure that I understand the material well enough to explain it to someone without notes.

(James) #6

Morning Josh,

thanks for that. Is this an easy method to remember? My exams start in just under 2 weeks. I don’t want to start another method if gonna take a while to master. I have been doing mind maps, then either remembering them by memory and redrawing them, or using flashcards.

I have also been trying to teach my wife, who happens to be a teacher about all the different methods. It’s slowly starting to sink in.


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(Josh Cohen) #7

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to start with a new technique on short notice. I’m not sure how long it would take to make it worthwhile.

If you’re used to mind maps and flashcards, then it might be better to stick with that and pick up the method of loci afterwards. For a quick technique that might help on short notice, see the Feynman Technique.