Mind Map Art Gallery website


Just wanted to share this great website I found online with hundreds of excellent hand drawn Mind Maps.

Also, related to the concept of mind maps, recent study found that drawing a simple picture/doodle even for a few seconds is far superior for memory retention of words, than simply writing the words down themselves (see link below). Too often you hear people talk about “mind mapping” when in reality they have drawn NO, or almost NO picture-doodles. As Mr. Buzan has said many times in his workshops - which you can find on video-sharing websites like youtube - it is not a mind map if you have not added any pictures.

Also, I recently found this uploaded to youtube. It’s an old video of Mr. Buzan and Lana Israel on how to use Mind Maps.

Lastly, remember this, that a Mind Map without doodles/drawings is NOT a Mind Map. Too many people online are making these spider diagrams without doodle pictures and calling them Mind Maps. They are afraid to try and draw doodles.


Thank you for sharing these websites. I found the video training a great resource for me as a beginner to mind mapping and easy to follow.


You’re very welcome Galem_03