Millennium PAO UPDATED 2020 Post 1

So a while back I saw the Millennium PAO system and was immediately intrigued by it. After looking at it though I found some glaring problems which I aimed to address by building my own Millennium PAO. Today (while making this post) I discovered Maya’s Modernized Millennium PAO which seems to have the same initial fix as mine does but I think mine goes further than hers and is more intuitive.

The problem with the original Millennium PAO is that the People and Objects were not structured in a logical way. Certain categories ended at weird endpoints and that would make learning the thing even more difficult. This is the problem that Maya and I fix with each of our PAO’s but Maya only fixed the People Category and the objects category remains completely random. What I’ve done (am currently doing) is associating the object with the Person. So learning the system becomes easier, (the hard part is finding an object that has a meaningful connection with the person). For some people it is obvious what the object should be, Rick Sanchez & Portal Gun, Jimmy Neutron & Goddard (his robo dog), for some people it is less obvious and requires more work initially. That is the stage I am currently on, I have my People selected and am finding objects that connect with them in a meaningful way.

One additional thing that my PAO addresses that the original did not, is selecting important categories of people to memorize. I will admit that I do have cartoons and anime in my PAO because it is hard to ignore such a rich resource of memorable people but I also have Philosophers, Artists, Scientists, Kings and Queens. People who I might not know much about but through trying to memorize my PAO I will become more learned about history and art and science and things I think we all want to know more about. So I would say my PAO includes more people worth remembering and the task of remembering will actually make me smarter in the process and not just after I’ve memorized my PAO and can successfully use it.

To make my PAO system more intuitive I (like Maya did with her Person’s category) subdivide 1000 into 10 different “large” categories. I then break these large categories down into 10 smaller categories.

I will post the full thing (if there is interest) when I finish up my objects and I will explain some things which I think will make it easy to convert to a 9-digit system as opposed to an 8-digit system without needing 1000 actions. As of right now my Actions list is categorized differently than my People or Objects list is because finding 1000 unique actions for each person is a much more daunting task and one which I believe can be avoided. I’ll save that for my next post.

Here is my Large Categories list:
000-099: Cartoons
100-199: Anime (yes I know)
200-299: Heroes
300-399: Villains
400-499: God’s and fantasy creatures
500-599: Monsters
600-699: Kings
700-799: Queens
800-899: Entertainers
900-999: Intellectuals

Again once I finish the Objects list which is currently done for 000-099 I will post the complete thing if there is interest.


Actually my objects are categorized in a way that makes it natural for me to know what kind of objects I need.

The 0s are the elements, partially because those are easy associations for 000-099. The 1s are ways of transportation because a. 1 reminds me of a line ,like a route, a 0 looks like a wheel so 10s are cars. 11 are special cars because they aim to be number 1 at something, 15s are helicopters because a 5 looks like helicopter, etc. It is all intuitive to me, which is the most important for any system, it has to work for you. :slight_smile:

I tried to go your route with the objects too, but it was actually harder for me. Either characters had very similar objects and I got confused to which number was the right one for that object, or -as you mentioned too- I could not think of a good object.

For actions I just sticked with 100 actions. It is more random as I used the actions of my older PAO.


Thanks for the reply! I see now, I agree it is difficult coming up with personal objects for each person and so far I’ve only done it with 000-099 so we’ll see how the rest go haha. The problem I see with having two unrelated lists is the speed at which you can 1)learn the list and 2)recall the correct association. I see the person and it reminds me of the object and vice versa. But mines still theoretical.

I would love to ask you a couple questions if you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:
How difficult was it to memorize your pao?
And have you found it more beneficial than a 2-digit pao?


I also watched your millenium pao such a brilliant system that you made.

And I also faced some problems in objects like weapons category.

Because I am very confused in which weapon I use.
Guns are very similar.

How can you decide which gun you used ?.

And even very big names of guns.
For faster memorizing I take more time to speak big names of guns and also confused in guns.

I also categories weapons in my way that is suitable for me.

  1. Fire crackers
  2. Normal weapons (like hammer=18)
  3. Pistols
  4. SMG gun
  5. AR gun
  6. Avengers weapon :smile:
  7. God’s weapon :hugs:
  8. Explosive
  9. Melee
  10. Shotgun and Rifle

If you think I have to change my some category please suggest me.
Where I am wrong.

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That’s really cool. It inspired me actually. I never think of the categories. But how long do you think you would finish this building? and how are you going to build this list?

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For me, I’ve got all the People decided on (or at least enough people to fill in each spot in each category). The hard part is finding a meaningful object to associate with the person. I’ve spent a couple years on developing this PAO but I haven’t really dedicated a lot of time to memory sports until now but someone who is serious about making a Millennium PAO system could probably do it in a few months with some serious time put in.

The categories are the most important part, I think. They have to be logical, your big categories need to be broad enough to have 10 sub categories (if you do it like Maya and myself) and each subcategory needs to be big enough to have 10 people in it.

This presents some challenges with figuring out your categories. Cartoons/Anime is very easy because you can separate different shows into sub categories. For Kings/Queens or Heros and Monsters you need to decide how to subcategorize a broad category.

For the Kings I break them down into the followning:

I do roughly the same sub categories with Queens.

That’s really cool. I’d recommend you have a look at Western Civilization by Jackson J. Spielvogel.

First thing I would do if I were you is to find the main stories. e.g. I personally like Reformation. timeline is good but not exciting. But you can divine the timeline by 4 angles such as culture, society, politics, economy.

and the rest you can fill other kings up with your lists.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out :slight_smile: