Millennium PAO (Post 2 Radical Adjustment to PAO)

So I’m still too new to know if this is a terrible idea but I’ve been working on a Millennium PAO (which I made a post about earlier) anyway I was disappointed that it would only be an 8-digit system instead of a 9-digit system because there’s no way I could ever remember of 1000 unique Actions.

So what I’ve thought of to bump my system up to 9-digits is to add 10 adverbs (listed below) so now when I picture something I picture the Person, the Adverb, the Action, and the Object. It’s seemed to work so far and adds a little flavor to the Action category which makes them more memorable.

I also had a horrible thought and that was if someone were to get good at using adverbs in their images they could achieve the same result as the current 3-digit PAOs by having 100 Adverbs.
So they would only need to remember 400 things instead of the 2,100 things of a 3-2-3 PAO.

But maybe it would be to abstract to use or too difficult to compile a list of 100 unique Adverbs…

My 10 adverbs:

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this? Is it a waste of time or am I on to something?

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Well I had tried to create a system where white flags were coloured with 3 colors to get 3 digits per object but it did not work and I believe that a USA memory champion tried something similar or with some difference maybe to increase the amount of numbers he could get from his system but it did not work like my system, And you may need to ask more experienced people in this forum as I do not have a lot of experience but I have written above what I know and it may help you,



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And using Adverbs with PAO may not work and I think that creating a list of Adverbs for a PAO may make you waste your time, But you can calculate the risk and reward of using Adverbs with a PAO by estimating the time it will take you to create a list of 100 Adverbs and the benefit you will get by potentially being able to encode and recall a single digit quicker and also it’s probability of failure,

But I belive that the way I have posted is not the best way for estimating the risk and the reward of adding Adverbs to a PAO.

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Thanks for the input! Yeah right now I’ve kept it at 10 so it’s really not a huge deal if I end up scrapping it, even 100 probably wouldn’t be too difficult to compile but I’ll see how these 10 workout first before I go about expanding the list. I see two cons with using adverbs, the first is that they’re more abstract than people,actions,objects so they may be more difficult to remember or recall and the second is that if one were to incorporate them into a 2digit PAO system they would be able to get the same number of digits memorized (8 digits) as the current Millennium PAO’s allow you to memorize but you wouldn’t have as many unique image possibilities, since you’d be working with 100 People and Objects instead of 1000, but you could always pair it with a larger PAO if it ends up being effective.

Again thank you so much for commenting, I’m new here so it’s awesome to hear from people who are also thinking about this crazy art!