Has anyone tried using microimages to place in the memory palaces? I have been playing with this since I watched the last Antman movie, placing micro caracteres in the furniture of my parents house.

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It’s an interesting idea. I wonder how many locations could be made in a body journey.

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I still can fit the names of all German presidents on the soap bar. [Boris Konrad]

One of the challenges may be the fact that you won’t actually be familiar with the location you’re filling with memories. I know many here experiment with imagined journeys and virtual journeys, but I’m of the mindset that the most effective memory journeys are effective because you know them so intimately. If you make a journey that’s more microscopic in approach, it’ll be an imaginary environment (unless you actually study it with a microscope) and, as such, won’t provide the same kind of memory triggers you get from recalling a place you truly know.