Metronome Training Regimen


Hello, is anyone here currently using a metronome for training? I have been using one for years but I am currently hitting a wall and I want to discuss the best way to use it and how you are currently using it. Happy to go into more detail but don’t want to type out a lot if there is no one to chat with.



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I do something similar.

With Anki, I’ve been using the automatic advance plugin to review PAO. I read one ought to try for 4% faster to encourage flow states (because it’s harder, but not overwhelming).




Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for. I have heard of the 4% rule as well, but I can’t recall where I read that. Can you point me to the study or article. Because I am trying to figure out what BPM I should be training at and how much to increase each time to stay motivated and actually get better. The goldilocks rule.



Ugh, I forgot and I just read it… where?

In Peak there is an example of typists doing sessions that are 10-20% faster, and then going back to normal speed once their concentration lags. (page 163)

No mention of it here.

I would guess that we can’t totally generalize across all these activities. I mean when comparing across typists vs. violinists what would x% harder mean exactly? Whatever rule of thumb you find is going to be a guess when it comes to memory, so until someone does a huge research study on training memory champs…

So, why not feel it out? How much faster can you go and maintain concentration and the right mind-state without getting “swamped”? You could sort of ratchet your speed up every couple of days, and when it stops working back off a tad bit.



Thanks for this Moo.

I have heard the 4% rule but again we are memory athletes and we don’t know if that rule applies to us. I was hoping someone here already did the training and figured out what the % metronome increase that works for them. I guess I’ll be the first lol. I’ll check out the stuff you sent.




How exactly do you do your metronome training? Do you visualize all images in one deck? Several decks? Do you do the actual memorization? What’s the output of this kind of training? Do you mark the cards that you didn’t manage to visualize/place/make interact and try to tweak them later on?

I’ve only recently started to use a metronome, but only at slow speed so far, in order to try to get more consistency in visualization speed and level of detail for all of my 1352 images. I’ve always had issues accelerating my memorization due to the fact that there were about 10% of my images that I knew weren’t as easy to conjure up as the other 90%. That was making me keep the foot on the brakes during memorization, waiting for a difficult image to show up. I think my approach is working for me at the moment … strangely enough … slowing things down in order to get faster!



Pretty much as you described, but there are a lot of little details in that, and my own proprietary training techniques with it which I am currently refining to optimize for maximum results. If they pan out I’ll happily share, but right now I am in testing stages of a lot of these ideas.