Methods/Systems for remembering the locations of objects?

Now, I forget where I have put my phone and have to go on a wild search for 15 minutes at least once a week, and I haven’t found that much on here about how to remember where you’ve placed something.

One example I’ve seen was in some memory book (i can’t remember the title lol) where you have a memory palace of the room you put the object in, and where you put the object in real life, you create some really extravagant loci for it, I think the example given was a bomb?

The tricky thing I found is what if I want to memorize where I have put an object in a place I don’t have a palace for? Maybe a place I’m only visiting once?
My idea for a “technique” goes something like this:

Have a “base palace” that have objects for the items I commonly misplace (phone, wallet, laptop, etc)

When I place an item, say my laptop on the corner table at a Burger King, I create an image for the location and connect it to the laptop, say I turn The Burger King into a table, and squash him into the corner of the laptops screen.

And when I want to recall this, I just walk through the base palace.

This is just an idea I had, glad to hear thoughts from others. :slightly_smiling_face:

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One method that I read in The Memory book by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas was to make a link image between the object and the location it’s at. Not as in a memory palace, but just an association to the object.

So an example would be I put my phone down on my bed, as I do so I visualize maybe sleeping on a giant phone.

So when I later wonder where my phone is, the image of me sleeping on a giant phone will pop up in my head and I’ll remember where I put it.

I’ve found this to be very useful but you’ll need to make a habbit of it. It’s also more efficient than a memory palace I think because you just have to see the object in your mind to bring up the association, not walk through a whole journey until you find it.

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