Method of Loci - Choosing between two "palaces"

Hello there!
I’ve used the method of loci every once in a while but I want to use it more often so I have a question regarding which place to choose.

I’ve lived in the same house for nearly my entire life (16 years) and recently moved to a new house about 6 months ago. The question is, do I use the house that I’m much more familiar with (but won’t be seeing anymore) or my new house that I live in but am not as familiar with?

If I needed to use a memory palace today, I would use my old house because I have every little spot memorized and it’s much larger.

My concern is, as time goes on, will I stop remembering as much about my old house and begin to notice more specific details of my new house thus making up for the fact that it’s much smaller?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Actually I will say you are fortunate to have two memory palaces with you now. The old house will always stay with you and if you make a memory palace out of it it will stick even more firmly with you.

The new house even if new can be a good memory palace as you can travel through it when in doubt.

So I will say go ahead and use both of them for different contexts. You have two memory palaces with you to be used when needed.

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I am of a mind wirh @tusharvjoshi , you have two palaces now!

The fun part of memory palaces is that you don’t need to actually see the real place to turn it into a memory palace. Even if you are not sure where something was exactly, you can just go with what feels right. As long as it is a memory palace, chances are you will not easily forget how things looked like. In fact, to me the memory palaces become whole unique locations. Whenever I walk past my old home, I still get that “I used to live here” feeling, but my memory palace does not call such feelings, even though it is in fact the same place.

You mentioned you don’t know your new home that well, that can change the way you turn it into a memory palace though, especially since you just started. It helps to physically walk through every room. Sit down and look around, what do you notice? how can you turn it into a locus? (for example, if there is a small crack in a tile, you could choose to turn it into a large crack in the entire wall if that would help your images). That way you get to know your home, and you get to build your memory palace.

If you turn your own home into a memory palace, a question that often comes up eventually is “should my memory palace be changed as well?”
The answer there is no, not in general. Only if some loci prove to not be working very well, should you change them. Your home may change, but your memory palace stays the same. So if you replace that cracked tile, the cracked wall in your palace would stay around.

good luck! :smiley:

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