Method for Converting Cards into Numbers

(Andrew Penton) #1

I know there has been some discussion of using the same images for cards and images, but I haven’t seen any definitive way to assign which numbers are used for certain cards so I wanted to give everyone my input for anyone struggling with it.

I started out with what might seem obvious to someone trying for the first time, which was to number every card 1-52, making spades 1-13, diamonds 14-26, and so on. This was terribly inefficient, as for every card I had to mentally calculate which number I was on before memorizing it, and during recall I was slow for the same reason. I do not recommend using number images in this way.

Since I use the major system, I decided next that I could use the letters of the suits. For example, the 5 of Spades would become 50, since the S sound in the major system is zero. This worked out okay, except for some of my images I don’t use the major system, it’s just by association. Knowing the sound before the number confused me because my brain was trying to ‘skip a step’ by just using the sound, but I didn’t even have an image for that. This method could work for those of you with strong associations, but not for me. If you are using it, I used 0/S for Spades, 1/D for Diamonds, 7/C for Clubs, and 4/R for hearts. For face cards, it works out that you can add two to any number and get a new one. So I treated Jacks, Queens, and Kings as A, 2, 3 respectively except I added 2 (So QD becomes 2D+2=21+2=23). Hopefully this helps anyone struggling to find images for face cards.

Lastly, in order to avoid the major system confusion, I have decided to assign each suit a value using a simple mnemonic. Spades have 1 point, so 1. Hearts have 2 humps, a club has 3 petals, and diamonds have 4 points. For face cards, I convert to A, 2, 3 just as before but add 4 to the number this time. I haven’t tested this out yet, but I think it can be my best system yet. Let me know what you think, and those of you with more experience please add more info! How did you assign numbers to cards?

(Silvio B.) #2

I use Dominic O‘Brien‘s approach where Spades is 6, Diamonds is 4, Clubs is 3, Hearts is 8.
Which makes sense, given that in the Dominic System:
S = 6
D = 4
C = 3
H = 8

So if you take 4 of Clubs for example, that would translate to 43. So I use the same image for 4 of Clubs as for 43.

6 of Hearts = 68 = Stephen Hawking

For the Kings, Queens etc. I just added more people that aren‘t in my number system, but with a theme to them. Diamonds are Late Show hosts like Stephen Colbert (Ace of Diamonds). Clubs are hosts of Top Gear (James May= Jack of Clubs).



okay, mine looks like this with PAOX,-2 digits
s=1s,h=2s,c=3s,d=4s, consider the
corner and shape
spade one sharp corner, two sharp corner is heart,
three leaf is clubs, four corners is diamond
AND for royal family
king 01,02,03,04
queen 51,52,53,54
jack 61,62,63,64
if joker needed, 05,06
So that I actually memorise 2 major notes
one is for 1s2s3s4s
another is 0s5s6s