Mental math book sugestions

Hey I was wondering if anyone has some god books on mental math? I have trachtenberg by ann cutler and mathemagics by arthurbenjamin any more suggestions? include links please also should I continue with trachtenberg or replace it witt vedic or something else

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Bharati Krishna Tirtha (1965), Vedic Mathematics

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Thank you

R. Fountain / J.V.Koningsveld - MC Handbook


great thanks

I cant find it mind sending a link to it please?

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I just search it, it is indeed quite hard to find.

The Mental Calculator’s Handbook - Robert Fountain, Jan van Koningsveld - Google 图书

It’s a preview but you can view the full content in it.
Visit the link on PC

usefull but will need full concentration very complex

This is imho one of the best books to read.


Fair it seems good it is just very complicated compared to others

Not to bad though ive learnt harder

Oh sorry I didn’t notice that page 73-374 is missing. Maybe @Nodas’s help is still needed


That Chinese link you posted, is not the whole book but a few samples of pages to get an idea.

I don’t think that the whole book can be found in a legal way on the net as a free item.

During the Mental Calculation World Cup 2014 in Dresden, Robert Fountain himself told me that his used the following lulu self-publishing site to make copies of his book on demand (click the link to find his book). And of course it can also be found in amazon here.

That book is a perfect introduction for both beginners and advanced users, so I recommend it.

Other than that, check these books on Goodreads also. (click the word goodreads).
These books by Flansburg , Arthur Benjamin and Trachtenberg are also nice. Trachtenberg’s is a bit anachronistic and archaic on writing style, but it has some great ideas and many similarities with Vedic math.

But if I had to vote for the best book ever written on mental calculation, I would vote for : Dead Reckoning: Calculating Without Instruments’ by Ronald W. Doerfler. This is a very advanced book though, so I don’t recommend it to beginners. But you can find it available on amazon (again by clicking the link above). The people who gave it a few negative reviews in both goodreads and amazon, it’s probably because they could not understand it.

It’s similar to people giving bad reviews to super-advanced STEM postgraduate university textbooks by Springer publishing, just because they don’t understand it. So, don’t trust the reviews.

15 years ago , when I was starting with mental calculation, I used to read a lot Ron Doerfler’s old wordpress blog site : (now it moved here)
If you need some advanced reading on math and mental calculation, just check and read all the archive of his site.


You can get the book on Amazon…


Thanks for your advice Bjoern!

I personally don’t read book about mental math.

It’s a bit of shame that I haven’t buy books for more than a year, most of the time I get ebook from zlibrary and a few other websites.

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You don’t read book? And purly do practice on mental math?

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Once get appropriate general methods, it’s only the matter of practice to get faster.

Mental calculation books are funny and full of nice insights, but I don’t have too much time to read it. I’m too lazy.