Mental Calculation world champion Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash in CNN

In his competition debut, Bhanu beat 29 opponents from 13 countries to take the gold – his speed so extraordinary that judges made him jump through extra hoops and solve more calculations to confirm his accuracy.

Just don’t call him a prodigy.

“Definitely not, because I find the word ‘prodigy’ a little troubling as it just doesn’t capture the efforts and experience, it’s just a state that’s obtained out of nowhere,” Bhanu says, stressing that his extraordinary mathematical ability didn’t come easily.



In my knowledge, the only person who calls Bhanu as the world’s fastest human calculator is himself, because his scores are nowhere near world class. I am also amused that CNN reports this as the competition debut, when he has participated in the physical mental calculation world cup at least 6 years ago and again later!

Anyway, i give 10/10 points for marketing and publicity of the sport!


Моят син Калоян Гешев току що реши задачата от статията на СНН за 18 сек.На МSO беше 7 и е на 9 год.

My son Kaloyan Geshev has just solved the problem from the CHN article in 18 seconds. He was 7 at the MSO and is 9 years old.

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Bhanu’s calculation (3digit × 1 digit = almost 2.5 sec)

Chinese & japanese kids calculation (first question - 5 digit × 5 digit = almost 5 to 6 sec and only kids)

I am also indian but sorry for this , i am in the side of bateman (he nowhere in the world calculation level)

I think bhanu have to improve more (not think like i am the best in the world, think like i have to improve more and more . I think this is the right strategy to improve , I also applied this strategy to me .)

And one thing if he started to train mathematics to indians , why he doesn’t teach in youtube videos. Only showing off his Memory powers in all of his video)

*Sorry but i also hate ajit bharti because he only showing his Memory in all of his video , almost 1 hours .:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::sob::sob::sob:

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I have literally been faster than that and I don’t even use any calculation techniques.

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Thanks for sharing, OP. I think I will watch it right now.

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