Mental Calculation Competitions in 2020 and 2021

For everyone curious about mental calculation competitions, there have recently been a lot of updates about the next events!

I was looking forward to attending some of these events, but unfortunately they’ve all been postponed until 2021 (except the MSO, which might not include mental calculation anyway).

This page has the latest updates about mental calculation events in 2020 and 2021, including estimated dates and an online competitions.

The page was written by me so feel free to reach out with any further questions. I know some readers of this forum are active in these competitions, so hopefully we’ll have the potential soon to compete!


Hi Daniel. Welcome to this forum and thanks for all the recent updates regarding all the calculation competitions.

The next 2 years are gonna be fantastic hopefully !


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Hi Daniel,
(Forgive me for my poor English, I’m not a native speaker)
Currently I can do 55 multiplication in 16 seconds and 88 in 51 seconds (using Memoriad multiplication software, 10 set of 5*5 multiplication in 157.32 without 1 error), I don’t use any image or soroban to utilize the number ,i can operate the numbers in my mind freely.I’m looking for further improvement, Memoriad is seemed a little bit out of date and have very few option ,is there any software better than memoriad recommanded? Thanks a lot.

Hi Flou - those are some pretty fast scores for multiplication, congratulations!

For training software, I like the Memoriad software myself for most categories. For training my own specific things I often write my own software in a spreadsheet or with Python.

George Lane created a massive spreadsheet called Pegasus that some people use for training, and it has been used for creating questions for the JMCWC and MSO events.

Is there something specific that you would like for training? Or anything specific missing from the Memoriad simulator?

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your reply! Memoriad doesn’t have Subtraction, and its Addition and Multiplication only has 10 digits at most, now I can already do 10*10 in under 2 min. I think 10-20 digits is needed to improve myself a few months later.That’s all.
Thank you again for your help!

Okay - makes sense!

Memoriad does actually have a simulator for 20-by-20 multiplications, but I don’t know whether that simulator has anything strictly between 10 and 20 digits… maybe worth a try?

For subtraction, sure that isn’t covered by Memoriad, but I’ll bear it in mind as I see other training resources and build my own.

Thanks! 20 by 20 is beyond my capability right now. I think I need to improve my grade step by step.
As to subtraction, I’m using the same method as yours, too. I use several sheets of one million digits numbers as training materials. But there are some inconvenience of that method, which make it quite difficult to track my progress. I easily lose motivation because of that.