MemoryLeague Mobile apk or website

Can you pls make your website mobile friendly so that i can use it on mobile. Or make an app.


i want a mobile version too

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yeah I crave the mobile version too

very nice idea

I checked the OP date in case it was from 6 years ago :grinning:
What, is not mobile friendly enough?

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They are not talking about the Art of Memory forum, they are talking about the Memory League website.

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I see now. Damnit. Sorry :mask:

If you use Firefox for Android or Chrome on your phone, you can even “install” the forum on your phone. See the screenshots below. It will create an icon and enable push notifications, just like a native app.

In Firefox for Android (recommended) it’s called “Install”:

In Chrome it’s called “Add to Home screen”:

Click here for Chrome screenshot

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