Memory training journals

On the search page to display memory training journals, the page displays recent blog posts and the number of comments. This is very useful to find latest blog posts with a lot of reactions.

What if I want to read a blog with a lot of posts to be able to follow the evolution of a dude, see if the strategies he employed were successful.
Can you add a page to help browse blogs; displaying a list of blogs (and not blog posts) and the number of posts by the author (+ a little description if possible)?

Something like this?

That lists all of the users with blogs and their latest blog post. You can click on a name to visit a blog.

You can also subscribe to individual bloggers by RSS. The RSS links are at the bottom of each page.


Gary Lanier’s blog:

His RSS feed:

That’s nearly exactly what I hoped. I thought that adding the number of posts by the author near the author’s name would allow to have a better idea of the blog content than only the last post.
It would allow to clearly see differences between a blog where the user posts once and a blog with regular contribution.

Don’t hesitate to tell me if you don’t see the point.

Thanks for the reply by the way :wink:

Something like this?

You are GREAT!
Thanks a lot for the time and answers, that’s very nice of you.

Always happy to try to improve the website. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Josh, ive been looking for that too. Is there a way, a url parameter perhaps? to reverse the sort order of the blog entries, with the earliest posts shown first?

Sure… I’ve just made the table headers sortable on the main blog page:

(Edit: this comment was written before a redesign of the website.)

Just click any linked header to change the sort order…

Sorry Josh, i meant for an individual blogger. eg. so that Garys July 15 post is on top and his September 10 post is on the bottom.

Unfortunately, changing those existing blog pages would be more complicated to do. With the extra page I can just add a new query from scratch, but overriding the default functionality on something like that is more complicated. :confused:

The overall list of blogs is easier to override, since it’s a custom “view”, but the individual blog pages are default functionality. Sorry about that…