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As I have started to train for memory competition I have tried to find other websites that might help me round out some of my techniques. Even though I love and use it as my starting point, I would like to know what other websites go over memory techniques directly related to different disciplines? I am pretty comfortable with random numbers and cards if that helps narrow it.

What other information are you looking for? Have you seen the wiki’s section on competitions?

If you have a question about a competition event, you can ask it in the memory competition section.

I will see if I can add an improved search feature today, because there is a lot of content about it scattered around the website. :slight_smile:

I feel like there is a lot of information about numbers and cards, so I feel pretty good there. I would like to see more techniques on historical dates, random words, abstract images, and poem/text.

I have seen some topics on it from searching the forum, but not a lot. I am really trying to hear a diverse amount of strategies and examples so I can try to figure out one that makes the most sense and I think I would be the best at.

I have found which had some techniques. They have some good ideas, but I want to hear more in sight before planning out my method. Which is why I’m basically asking for more website, or even other areas of this website I might get more information. I have searched the forum and wiki. The ideas don’t seem to go much beyond place an image in your loci and move on. I would like to hear some examples of how people do it and if there are different method people uses to specifically address certain disciplines. Trying to cast out a big net to try to get the most information possible.

Any information would be greatly appreciated Josh. Long time read, relatively new poster. Thank you for the work you do on this website.

There is a bit of information on those events that you mentioned. I’ve added the new, improved search feature, but I just need to do one more thing before I make it live for all users.

If you have any specific questions, I recommend asking each question in a separate forum thread. For example, try the standard random words technique for a couple of days. Then post a forum thread about any difficulties that you encounter. I think that the technique for random words is pretty standard, but if you run into difficulties, people could help you fine-tune the technique based on your experience with it.

For historic dates, let me know whether you are interested in memorizing actual historic dates, or memorizing fictional historic dates for memory competitions – then I could probably direct you to some posts about it. :slight_smile:

Are you saying that just placing creative images of random words in a loci, is the pretty standard technique? I have some people discuss different types of words (ex. nouns/verbs) and how to address them. As well as studying root words. Maybe I just need to start practicing the creative process with a random word generator.

I did see your thread on real historic dates. So I guess I would like more information about fake dates, more in line with competition.

Thanks for your help.

Was that for competitions or for other types of word memorization? That would be a good topic for a new forum thread if there isn’t one already – when memorizing random words, do you treat verbs and nouns differently? I’m sure it would start an interesting discussion. :slight_smile:

You can find some in the memory training section. (Soon to be greatly improved and expanded.)

Have you seen these threads yet?

There are other memory blogs and sites which you can visit mate. Check out Josh’s blogroll for the complete lists: :wink: