Memory Techniques for each of the 10 disciplines of the WMC?

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! :slight_smile: I’m a complete novice in memory. Which memory techniques do you use for each of the 10 disciplines of WMC? Many thanks :slight_smile:



For starters, I would consider looking at events with the IAM and other online platforms like memory league, because the WMC is I believe less accessible because they are infrequently held and usually in China.

I like to consider the disciplines roughly speaking as:

Events that are numerically based, or use a cross discipline system.

-Random Numbers, Binary, Cards, (and even historical dates)
There are different approaches. PAO is a good system for someone to start, it has been used to win many competitions. Especially about 10 years ago and gives results quickly.

I’ve got to run, hope thats a start, though I didn’t touch on non numerical disciplines like Names and Faces, Words, etc.


Speed cards/Long cards: Using any card system like the PAO or 2 card system would work. You would also use a memory palace to store all the images.

Speed numbers/Long numbers: Use a double digit system or a 3 digit system. You would still use a memory palace to store the images.

Random words: You will need to find how many words you would want per location. I personally use 2 words/location. You would also use a memory palace. To create your images, you just need to practice changing words into images.

Spoken numbers: Use any number system you want and a memory palace. You need to practice changing the numbers you hear into your images without memorizing them. This event is pretty intense.

Historical dates: You would need a number system for the dates. You can either use the link method or a memory palace to store the dates/events. Change the event into an image, the date into an image, then create a story and place it i a palace location or if you use the link method, you would create a location from the event.

Binary: Create a binary system and use a memory palace. Pretty much the same as numbers.

Abstract images: You can create a texture image of all the textures used in the event. This is a pain in the a$$! The other option is to create images for the abstract images on the spot and connect them in the a story or place the story in a location.

Names: The easiest method is to change the name into an image and attach it to a feature on the person’s face. You could also use a palace to store the name or person so you can remember what names/people you saw.


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I found out about interesting memory techniques here…Thanks a lot