Memory techniques are getting popular?

Yesterday, I had went to party where I met some of my friends. I asked one of them (junior than me) that what he does in his free/leisure time. To my surprise he said he memorises 40-50 random words using story method.

I enquired further, He told me that these type of things were quite common in his school. He told how his friend memorised a deck of cards under 5 min. My friend was a beginner and didn’t knew about memory palace and other techniques. He used story method exclusively.

What it looks like that nowadays children and students are quite interested in memory techniques. It is just that many people are not aware of the broadness of this subject and potential.

Ya it is really true , when I didn’t know about memory Palace and memory techniques then that time I made my own logic for memorizing things .
Like for numbers I learn them by pronouncing and for names or McQ questions I made a Linking between them .
I was mostly use linking method for memorizing things before.

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