Memory techniques and bipolar disorder: good or bad?

I don´t know how many of you are open to talk about this, but I´m dignosed with bipolar and had a few manic episodes with psychosis during my life.

The first episode was before I knew mnemonics existed, but sometimes I ask myself if these techniques are good or bad to keep things under control. I would keep doing mnemonics in any case, but when I divide my activities according to what to do and what not to do when I detect the symptoms of a possible manic episode tha may be close, I don´t know where to clasify mnemonic exercise. I´m still not sure if the fact that mnemonics mantain your focus is a way to control the monkey brain or if it´s a way to keep you getting more into mania, with all these explosive asociations and frantic seach for new and interesting ideas. Maybe some mnemonic exercise would do and not reading about new stuff i dont know.

As a complement to medication, I also meditate, and I´v red some people here who talked how mnemonics help in the process, that´s something that surprised me because I had found it by myself.

So, anyone else with some kind of bipolar knowledge?


I think the best thing to do would be for you to ask your doctor if this is ok or not. Hopefully, it will be, but I’m not aware of anyone who’s bipolar and also uses mnemonics. I’m sure that there are a few on this forum though.