Memory Technique Tutor


Hi, can anyone suggest me a good memory technique tutor’s online course?


(Josh Cohen) #2

If you haven’t explored this site yet, there is a huge amount of free information here. :slight_smile:

You can start with this free ebooklet.

Then check out the memory techniques wiki.

The search box here in the forum can help fill in any gaps.

If you tell us what your goals are with memorization we could recommend some specific techniques.



Sure sir :relaxed:



I’d recommend Mark Channon’s online course as well thought out. He has a free one as well as a more ambitious course that requires a paid subscription.

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Thanks for your feedback sir.:relaxed: I’ll check it out



I agree with Josh. Start with the free booklet. Paid doesn’t always mean “better”. Also, check out Nelson Dellis on Youtube. Nothing you won’t learn in a paid course.

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Hi “Mr. Perfect,”

I just found out about Mark Channon…not sure about him.

I would recommend buying Harry Lorayne’s memory power course…you can google his own personal website/store online…he’s 92 yrs. old so do it before he dies…(I mean this in seriousness as I don’t know what’ll happen after he dies with his products.)

I would also recommend Dominic Obrien’s Quantum memory cd set.

Mr. Obrien told me via email that he plans on releasing a dvd set on memory training by 2019’s end…Be patient for it!


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(Maciej Łuczak) #8

Nelson, Nelson, Nelson!
Nelson Dellis is one of my first inspirations to follow and I am impressed how quick I can memorize numbers and event poems. :wink:

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Sure. I’ll check it out :+1:



How to remember statements? like “Economics is a science of welfare…”
Is It Ok to imagine like a teacher telling this line in my mind palace? Can we include narration in mind palace? Will it work for long term memory?