Memory technique for learning Spanish

I’d like to learn Spainish. I only speak English. I’m a 62 year old beginner. I just got the Duolingo app.
Is there a memory technique that will speed up learning a new language? Thanks


Quantum memory power by
Dominic O’Brien.

Find these courses you will learn many things to remember.


Hi Bill, that’s a nice challenge. I assume you have a good reason to learn it. I think the motivation has to be there first with the reason/s to support it. I would love to learn at least a few hundreds words of each from Spanish and Thai. And then learn how to structure a sentence with some grammar. One is more challenging than the other, but I lack of motivation, simply because I just don’t have a strong enough reason. Hopefully I will find the reason some day and it would be great challenge.

I would start with using the “Search” feature on the forum. There will be a few threads about it. Maybe type something like “learn spanish.”

If you have not heard of “memrise” before, then this link maybe some good use to you.

There is also the link below that explains specifically about using different memorising methods to learn spanish.

Here is another interesting method using the Stressed Syllable.

And lastly, a downloadable free book and a course on this link.

Hope these will be helpful with your journey of learning Spanish. If so let us know your experience and we can learn from you too :slight_smile: